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The 14-Days Keto Diet Plan: is it a scam?

Lately, the internet has been buzzing with the Keto diet and its benefit. To some, it is the answer to their unspoken prayer. People find it difficult to go through a rigorous exercise to lose fat; moreover, there is a high tendency to gain the weight back as quickly as it is shed. In light of this, people started looking for less stressful ways to lose fat and still satisfy their intense craving for certain foods.

The 14-Days Keto Diet Plan Reviews
14 Day Keto Challenge Reviews
Many tried other dieting plans, but it was found to be too restrictive as the cravings for a certain food that was prohibited becomes intensified. These meals are consumed in excess leading to more weight gain.  A new alternative was developed, which is the Keto diet. Initially, the keto diet was developed as a cure for epilepsy, but along the line, due to its many health benefits, it was found to boost weight loss.
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The Joel Marion 14-days Keto Challenge Review

New research is beginning to emerge in the nutritional and weight loss field; one such research shows that the French people enjoy a considerable amount of weight loss and are of proportionate body size compare to the rest of the world. This phenomenon is not as a result of their DNA coding or genetic markers in their makeup. The French have a group of food they consume daily; this secret allows you to burn more fat in 2 weeks than you will probably lose in a month.
14 day keto diet plan review
A French dietician discovered the backbone of Marion 14-days challenge in early 1924. This diet centers around consuming as many fats as possible, but this is not just any fat but a special kind of fats known as super fats. This will later be known as the French paradox. Super fats are not your regular saturated and monounsaturated fats. These super fats will:

  • Permanently help you eradicate hunger and cravings,
  • Help balance your hormones level,
  • Quickly and eradicate bloats.
  • Quickly turn fats into an available source of fuel.
  • Help achieve a flatter and firmer belly.

These super fats possess so many advantages and, if properly utilized, can help you fight against some disease. This is what has been the secret of the French people as it is part of their daily diet, and by incorporating this diet into your lifestyle, you will be able to boost your overall lifestyle.
Over the years, dieting regimen has become popular, but people often end up not completing it because it is too restrictive; some diets fail because of the absence of tasty, nutritious food. The keto diet is becoming more and more popular due to its success in boosting overall health and other benefits. The keto diet gives room for a tasty and nutritious meal that includes fatty foods and other tasty recipes that can satisfy your cravings.
Now for 14-days, keto is different from the traditional keto diet in some areas. Although, they still have the same end goal – losing weight, improving overall health, and inducing ketosis. However, there are slight differences between the two. The 14-days challenge is different from the traditional keto-diet as it is targeted towards a particular goal. The 14-days challenge, unlike the traditional keto-diet, gives room for the consumption of keto-carbs. These carbs are consumed at certain periods of the day. So, depriving yourself of carbs is unnecessary as long as the right food is eaten at the right time and in the right combination.

Joel Marion’s 14 Day Keto Challenge Review
Joel Marion’s 14 Day Keto Challenge Review

The 14-days Keto Challenge strategy

The Joel Marion keto strategy uses the French paradox; besides, studies have shown that an average French consume fatty food like ice-cream, butter, and cheese than the average American but without the annoying belly and thigh fats. These foods are known to cause weight gain and lead to coronary heart disease. But surprisingly, all these symptoms are lower in the French population compared to the Americans.
The question of whether recent scientific studies have answered the 14-days keto challenge works. These studies show that those who undergo keto dieting are likely to lose more weight than those with a low-fat diet. It happens in a shorter period too. They also experience lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels when compared to their low-fat counterpart. The culmination of all these findings points to the effectiveness of keto-diet, even after being cast in a negative light.
The goal is to consume many super fats; this can be present in that tasty and nutritious meal that you are deprived of during a low-fat diet. Taking a closer look, you eat what you like but at the right time and still get to lose weight!

Joel Marion’s 14 Day Keto Challenge Reviews
Joel Marion’s 14 Day Keto Challenge Reviews

The 14-days Keto Challenge Diet Manual

The 14-days keto challenge diet manual is a book that contains information about the keto diet and the secret of the French paradox. This manual contains many secrets that will help you achieve success faster than other dieting regimens. The manual contains does not only have information about diets but also exercises that will allow you to lose weight faster. In the complete series, you will find ways to boost your metabolic rate and access fat as a fuel source. The manual is divided into five segments:

  • 14-days keto Challenge diet manual
  • 14-days keto challenge herbs and snacks
  • 14-days keto challenge intermittent blueprint
  • 14-days keto challenge exercise manual
  • 14-days keto challenge cheat sheet

In the diet manual, you will find how time, combine, and proportion food to get the right hormonal balance while keeping your body in a continuous state of ketosis, it also contains a detailed list of recipes, their calories, and the right combination to follow. Also, the keto carbs and food to consume in other to avoid keto flu. You are sure to get results following this high-fat diet.
The exercise manual gives you a series of workouts, including movement patterns designed to increase the anti-aging growth hormone. These workouts do not require fancy gym equipment, just 15 minutes of your time, three times a week.
The herbs and snacks manual have go-to snacks that will keep your energy level at its optimum level. It also informs you about the type of snacks to take before and after each exercise. The cheats sheet allows you to dine comfortably in any restaurant as it gives an idea of what to order without having to worry about how it affects your keto levels. The combination of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet gives a fantastic result.

  • It is easy to carry out
  • Contains detail information about what to do and how to do it
  • Easily accessible.


  • Getting the whole series is expensive.

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What is Ketosis?

Before you embark on a keto diet plan, there is a need to understand how it works and its impact on the body. According to history, the body’s genome expresses itself based on the food available for consumption. This is one of the best ways to interact with our DNA; aside from this, ketosis is the natural and optimal state of metabolism. From a historical point of view, this is correct due to the Hunter-gatherer nature of our ancestors.
They don’t always have access to food but have sustained energy throughout the day. Our Paleolithic ancestors have always used both glucose and ketones as their body source of fuel. Glucose is the preferred body fuel when non-animal food is available, but when there is a shortage of food or availability of an animal-based diet, guess what takes over; Ketones.
One of the earliest discoveries made about the ketogenic diet was Frederick Schwatka, who researched Innuit people and their diet in 1897. He discovered that consuming a high-fat diet could sustain him even during a long strenuous walk. Ketosis diet is more popular among the health circle because of some benefits attached to it. Ketosis has been around as far back as the era of the geeks. Then it was used for the treatment of childhood epilepsy, and then in the 1920s, more studies were further carried out.
This study shows that children who undergo the keto diet experienced fewer seizures than those who did not. The fat, protein, and carbohydrate are combined in the ratio of four-to-one. Although, how it reduces the seizure is not yet known. This study would later be abandoned due to the invention of anticonvulsant medication. The general public is still in the dark about ketosis, so it still gets negative reviews from people. It is crucial to get how ketosis works to apply it to your health life effectively. A popular belief is that ketosis is a toxic chemical in the body: this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The question is, “what is Ketosis?” Ketosis is the metabolic state resulting from the consumption of low-carb food, High-fat food, and moderate-protein. This causes the body to change from glucose as the main source of fuel to Ketones. The production of ketones is done in the absence of glucose; generally, they are produced when the body burns fats and serves as an alternate fuel source. During ketosis, the body changes from burning sugar as the source of fuel to burning fats, and they are produced in the liver.
Consuming a carb-rich meal leads to glucose production, which the body uses as fuel and stores the remaining as fats. Studies have also shown that newborn babies go into a state of ketosis within 12 hours of birth, and it also accounts for 25% of their energy source. Ketosis is easy to carry out, unlike the negative light some cast on it has being an extreme diet; skipping a breakfast meal after a good night rest can lead to ketones’ production. You can also induce ketosis by consuming a meal rich in saturated and monounsaturated fats while being low in carbs and moderate in proteins. This is the way of inducing ketosis.
The regular consumption of a meal like this will gradually change the body fuel source from glucose to ketones. This is because the production of ketones gradually increases until it dominates as the source of fuel. At this stage, little glucose is needed for the body to function as the man source of glucose; a rich carb-meal has been cut off. The ketone is a much preferable fuel for the heart and can be efficiently utilized by most brain parts. Consuming a fat-rich meal increases the body’s ketone production, which is synthesized in the liver and appears primarily as beta-hydroxybutyrate. Some vital organs in the body perform better on a ketone fuel, unlike its glucose counterpart.
Moreover, these organs are damaged when there is a high consumption of sugar and carbs. The idea of using ketones as a weight burning exercise is a win-win situation because ketones are produced as a by-product of fat burning. This means that as you are burning the fats, the ketone is being produced. It serves as a source of fuel. Unlike fat burning and the production of ketones, excess carbohydrates lead to the storage of fats. The consumption of more and more carbs leads to fats, which becomes inaccessible.

Ketosis and Ketoacidosis

People often mistake ketosis for ketoacidosis, but the two terms are not the same. The mistake that often occurs between the two terms has led to the negative review ketosis often get. Even a physician can mistake the two terms as the only way some deal with ketosis is through a diabetic patient. Most times, the likely reaction occurring is ketoacidosis but mistaken for ketosis. The term ketoacidosis refers to a situation where the body has little or no insulin to carry the glucose in the bloodstream into the cell for use or storage.
The body gets the impression of being starved; hence it signals the liver to produce ketones. The signal to stop or reduce ketone production by the body is not given, hence the continuous production of ketones. This results in the buildup of ketones and glucose, and the elevated levels of these two compounds lead to ketoacidosis. These two compounds create an acidic environment in the blood. Some reasons further promote the mistake made between ketosis and ketoacidosis. For instance, they have similar symptoms:

  • Frequent urination
  • Tiredness and shortness of breath
  • Constant nausea

The few listed above are some of the symptoms experienced in the early stage of nutritional ketosis. At the early stage of ketosis, the body tries to get used to the idea of a low carb diet; hence, some of the symptoms experienced. In nutritional ketosis, these symptoms are harmless but will pass as you progress with your ketogenic diet. But if the symptoms are for ketoacidosis, they are usually present at the same time.
For instance, when there is constant vomiting, stomach pain, and shortness of breath. This is ketoacidosis, and it requires urgent medical attention. Ketoacidosis is common with type1 diabetes and, to some extent, type2 diabetes patients. This does not necessarily mean that a type1 diabetic patient taking external insulin cannot carry out a keto-diet. Still, they have to be careful and maintain an adequate level of insulin. A properly practiced keto-diet can improve or reverse type2 diabetes.

How is ketogenic Diet Different from Atkins Diet

The ketogenic diet and the Atkins diet are similar in that they are both low carb diets. Ketosis is still the main factor for both diets but in different ways. The late Robert Atkins developed Atkin’s diet in 1972. The Atkins diet’s main idea is that you can consume as much protein and fat as you like but reduce food high in carb. Many studies have shown that the Atkins diet boosts weight loss and can have other health benefits.
Initially, the Atkins diet was considered unhealthy due to its high-fat content, but as more studies were conducted, it was later discovered that saturated fats are harmless. Apart from boosting weight loss, these diets improve the blood sugar level.
Atkins diet is divided into four Phases:

  1. Phase 1 or induction
  2. Phase 2 or balancing
  3. Phase 3 or Fine-tuning
  4. Phase 4 or maintenance

Phase 1: in this phase, the main idea is to consume high-fat, high-protein, and low-carbs. The number of carbs consumed must be below 20 grams per day for two weeks. The plan is to kick start the weight loss process and induce ketosis.
Phase 2:  After the first two weeks of little to no carbs, some fruits and low-carbs vegetables are slowly added to the diet. The carb consumption is increased from 20 grams to 50grams giving you access to food like yogurt and blueberry.
Phase 3: if you are close to your desired weight, health carbs are added to the diet until the weight loss rate reduces.
Phase 4: in this phase, you are free to eat as many carbs as you want, provided that they are healthy.
You may decide to skip the first phase and include fruits and vegetables to your diet; this method is also effective in losing weight. Despite popular belief, the Atkins diet is quite flexible; some people move through the phases while others remain in the induction phase indefinitely. But there is a high chance of you gaining back the lost weight if you decide to return to your old diet, so there is a need for you to stay on a moderately low-carb diet throughout your life.


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