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15 Minute Weight Loss: is it a scam?

Nowadays, many men and women are trying to drop the extra weight. Although there are numerous supplements in the market, nothing can make you healthy and have the sexy body you want. It is good to know that weight loss is not impossible at all. You will have an easier time losing weight when you act right. Do you know that no diet guarantee weight loss? That will happen unless you know the main cause.

Most of the work is strictly mental when it comes to losing weight. It will become a walkover if you win the mental game. You are always forced by your mind to consume junk food daily. What can you do to stop consuming a lot of carbs? You can attest that it sounds good, right? Most people are trying very hard to keep their bodies healthy. Do you want to underline the hidden cause of weight gain without using dangerous pills? Then, I highly suggest you take 15 Minute Weight Loss.

According to the author of the 15 Minute Weight Loss program, this is a unique program that does not involve a diet or workout plan. Actually, there is no need for any effort on your part. Kindly read this review article to fully understand how 15 Minute Weight Loss works and the reason why you have failed in all your effort at losing weight.

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15 Minute Weight Loss Review

What is 15 Minute Weight Loss?

According to scientific studies, your thoughts create your reality. It is worth noting that you will not lose weight if you don’t believe you can. Also, you will always be struggling with working out if you tell yourself you hate working out. In short, your mind believes what you tell it. Usually, messages that are being sent are hidden in your subconscious.

15 Minute Weight Loss is simply an easy-to-follow program that uses audio tracks. This program plays different frequencies each year. This enables it to establish healthy thoughts and beliefs. By doing so, users will be able to do away with thoughts. This time, it will create new ways that will play a crucial role for you to succeed.

All that you have to do is to sit down, relax and listen to the 15 minutes for the next three weeks. By the third week of this program, you will have created new and healthy habits. This will allow you to continue with the benefit moving forward.

The whole program is designed around cutting-edge brain science. The unique concept entails creating reality, and users have complete control over their minds and body. Despite the program being backed by scientific evidence, the creator has still included a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can put your theory to the test. Similar to other top programs in the market, this program is digital.

This means that you can get started right away. The main aim of the creator was to have a program that provides maximum convenience. So, you can go in and download the contents right onto your laptop. You will have easy access when your program is on your smartphone.
The 15 Minute Weight Loss is not like every other weight loss course out in the market. Most of these programs recommend high

carbohydrates and other diets. That is different from this program since the 15 Minute Weight loss gives users the freedom to sit on the sofa and consume ice cream. It comes with three rules which you require to carry out to get rid of your fat.

15 Minute Weight Loss

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Three rules of this program

At the beginning of this program, you might be flooded with questions like. “Does the 15 Minute Weight Loss work? That is the reason you are purchasing this program. In this section, we will examine that in detail. The guidelines are as follow:

It is your mind which gets you flat

It is said that the nerve system manages hormones and metabolism. This is according to neuroscience.  Drastic effects such as raised cortisol and secretion of tension hormone will be the results when we get more fat accumulated in our body.

Usually, the hunger hormonal agent is released. This makes you hungry for several hours. Kindly note that it is not your fault if you empty your refrigerator while watching a good television series. This guide advises you to listen to hypnosis. This will succumb to all your thoughts. In the process, you will discover that you are fitter than ever. There is no problem for you to have a health club. Remember that the serotonin will increase and make you more proactive.

Your brain waves need to be in sync

It is important to know that there are three stages of your brain. beta is the regular stage where you remain every day. On the other hand, alpha is the meditative state or when users are sitting considering something quietly. The last one is theta, which Buddhists find quickly.
To make use of this program, users are required to be in the theta state.

So, how can you attain this state of mind? There is a scientific method called Cymatics that tends to sign up with the performance of your right and left side of the brain. This is essential in injecting effective sound into your mind. This sound has some make-up messages coded in it.

Repeat the process until permanent

This process requires to be performed again and again. The main aim here is to preserve the results. It is arguably the most challenging part of this course. You might be wondering why this rule is very difficult. Remember that your subconscious mind is stubborn. It will also come back to normal when you leave the activity. But you should not worry about that since you are only required to perform this course for 15 minutes only a day for three weeks. And from there, you will get the best out of this amazing program.

How does this program work for you?

This program uses the brain to force you to eliminate excess fat. It works by helping you have a sexy body by simply reprogramming your subconscious mind. This kind of programming makes your mind activate previous learning and training. The creator of this program has indicated that everyone is different. That’s why every brain responds where you can experience powerful results.

This system was developed to trigger fat hormones. Usually, these hormones are influenced by changes that mostly take place after you have attained 40 years. There are claims that these programs work by acting on brain efficiency.

The best thing about this program is that the brainwave frequencies in it easily access your proven subconscious. It will clear away all the toxic like an old story from your mind. The unique kind of reprogramming process used by this program has shown positive changes in the first week. There is no doubt it is an effective weight loss program that will definitely help you have a sexy body like never before. It will enable you to get into great shape and start a new life.

Why is this program useful?

The 15 Minute Weight Loss boasts of several uses as it improves sleep requirements. Besides that, it makes you lose your body fat while still reaching theta state. As we said earlier, you are getting a two-month money-back guarantee. You can try it out and after that request for a return in case of any problem. You will also be required to keep the bonuses if that happens.

Another crucial thing to note about this course is that it is compact and concise. Keep in mind that you have to listen to audio tracks to put your body on autopilot mode. It is worth knowing that there is no weight loss eBook or PDF. All the explanations that the creator has included in the audio tracks are powerful. Therefore, you should be guaranteed they will solve all underlying problems related to your body.

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Close up of shredded fitness woman abs. Beach summer body concept.

About the creator of this program

The 15 Minutes Weight Loss was created by Anthony Swailes. When he was young and energetic, he wanted to become a professional soccer player. Anthony started researching hypnosis as a side hustle. He also engaged in meditation and therapy. After several years, he went from Division 5 to Division 1. Although he had no credentials, Anthony got players who would pay him.

He would later start coaching soccer players. This made them MVPs of their respective teams. Anthony decided to enroll in the Academy of Hypnotic Science with the main aim of helping people all over the world.

Fortunately, Anthony discovered the miraculous formula of hypnotic science that would help people drop their brains in the theta state. After coming up with this program, he started giving Skype sessions to his clients who had lost 70 pounds. Over the years, this program has received numerous positive responses from people who have been lucky to use it.

Main advantages of using this program

This program comes with numerous advantages. Actually, it is these advantages that have made the program popular with many people. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages:

Lowers stress hormone

15 Minute Weight loss will lower your stress hormone. These types of hormones make you feel energetic. The number of calories will double as it was initially before you started listening to the soundtracks.

Proper sleep requirement

This is the right time to kill insomnia by using this program. You will fulfill your sleep requirements which will again abstain from gaining weight by sheer laziness. Additionally, you will observe proper food digestion than before. The result of all this will be working overtime to fetch more financial success.

Diet and exercise benefits

Having the recommended exercise in this program will make you love the taste of vegetables. This will force you to hit the gym while at the same time burning some calories. You will never come across a program like 15 Minute Weight Loss. The foods you will eat from this program are healthy to you.

Body on autopilot

This system puts its users on autopilot mode where you will be supposed to do the most useful things that include dieting and physical activities. The exercises and dieting result in a trimmed belly. This will make your friends begging you for the life hack you use to get this far.

Customer satisfaction

Anthony introduced this program with the main motive of helping people who have been struggling with health conditions like obesity. The creator guarantees you satisfaction.

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Program bonuses

This program comes with several bonuses that include:

Deep sleep now

This program will help you solve sleep-related issues. It will also help you improve work efficiency. People like this program because it extinguishes the root cause of insomnia.

Look great at any weight

The creator has featured all the instructions related to life hacks in this bonus. These instructions will help you turn your heart into a part regardless of your body weight.

Look younger now

This bonus will make users look younger after five years. It is by no doubt one of the most crucial bonuses in this program.

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Even if this program has numerous pros, it does not come without cons. Let’s discuss these cons.

  • This program is only available in digital format.
  • You must follow the exact steps and methods in this program.

Final Thoughts
It is irrefutable that 15 Minute Weight loss is the perfect program for people with excess belly fat. We hope that this review article will help you make a wise decision if 15 Minute Weight Loss is worth it. Feel free to contact our team. Till next time. Thanks!

15 Minute Weight Loss Scam


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