Ever since I was a little kid I had a weird obsession with Jack Lelanne. I know, totally odd, and as a single gal I should probably just keep that info under wraps. I was always in awe of Jack’s vitality and passion for fitness. When he began doing infomercials for his Power Juicer I was hooked. Jack’s vision for the masses consuming juice has now come to fruition. With juice stands on nearly every corner (at least here in NYC) and delivery services available readily we can all experience the benefits of juice without the giant juicer, grocery shopping and dumping all the fruit and veg excess.

Here are some SUPERFIERCE reasons to juice:

When  juice is squeezed out of the fruit or vegetable, you receive a concentration of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, think of it as your liquid vitamin.

Some look to juicing regimens as just a weight-loss solution. Indeed, there are many benefits for juicing including decreased lbs, but there’s much much more!

First, you give your digestive system a rest so that your body has time to put its energy, besides digesting, into elimination, recovery and healing (perfect for some post New Year’s Eve damage, jus’ sayin’). Juicing gives your digestive system a rest, including the stomach, intestines, pancreas, gallbladder and liver.

During this juicing process, your cells have the time to catch up with their ‘work’. They can repair themselves and detoxify your bod. Some juicers say they experience new energy, clearer complexion, and clarity of mind and bod.

The duration of a juicing regimen plays an important part as well. Juicing should be introduced slowly — one juice to replace a meal, then one day, two days or three days and so on.

Also, the type of juice you consume is key! Juices in plastic bottles are not the same as fresh prepared juices that are consumed immediately after squeezing.

Ask me, ‘Why?’

When you use prepared juices rather than fresh juices, you will not receive all the benefits that you are looking for as mentioned above. In order to store the juice, manufactures pasteurize it. Pasteurization kills bacteria and germs and, thus, makes the product more durable, and prevents it from quick spoilage, this creating a perfect product for shipping across the country, but this process can destroy important vitamins, minerals and enzymes that would otherwise help your body reap the benefits explained above.

Join Me…

Let’s make Jack proud and together! Add in a juice per day and you’ll be sure to get some much needed minerals and give your bod a rest from the inside out. Here’s my favorite green juice recipe to give a try (or pop into your local juice shop!)

handful spinach
3 stalks of kale
2 golden delicious apples
small handful parsley
1 lemon
1 cucumber

Let me know what you think!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!


5 thoughts on “I’M JUICY!

  1. Hey Dyan,

    How do you recommend using this in a day’s diet? Does it replace one meal? Would protein powder be a benefit at all?

    Good work lady, keep it comin!

    Sheila T 🙂

    • Hi Sheila! You can add a protein powder, but typically we get more than enough protein (especially if you’re a meat eater)in our daily diets. One of the benefits of juicing is allowing the body to rest from the inside out. The decreased amount of ‘work’ the body has to do to digest the food allow the body to focus on restoring and repairing any internal ‘damage’ that we have previously done.
      Thanks for reading!!!

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