Resolve Reschmolve!

Okay FIERCE friends…Here’s my thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, they’re great, BUT…

There’s a BIG BUT here (and not like Sir Mix-a-Lot style), we’ve got to stick to it! It’s challenging to keep to what we resolve to do each January 1st. For many people the resolution is the same as last year, or the year before or the year before that, saying, “No really, THIS is my year to ___!” I get it! I’ve totally done (and do) the same thing! The game is to STAY in the game. With everything we do, say, feel, think keeping the vision that we set for ourselves in mind.

What has helped me to stick to my resolutions is to write out what my vision looks like to me. I write in detail, how I feel, what I’m wearing, people that are around me. I make it clear, so that I get excited, so I feel that feeling in my body. In my mind I’m already there in that place (the body, the job, the love…whatever my focus is). I read it each morning. I make it quick and dirty so that I do it. If it takes too long I know I’ll never read it. Then, throughout the day when I’m making choices I remember that feeling and HERE’S the BIG thing..I ask myself, “Do I love my vision or this ___ (fill in your blank, cookie, sleeping in, drink) more than my vision, my dream?. Taking that 1/2 second to stop and ask myself is usually enough to bring me back to remember where I want to go.

Take a few minutes today to write out what want for this new year. Write about that thing you really want and how it makes you feel to have it, be it, do it. Make 2012 REALLY be your year. Love yourself enough to succeed!

Here’s to YOUR FIERCENESS! Each day you’ll be better, stronger, more confident that you are on your way to YOU!