What a great excuse to get out of working out, “I can’t afford it!” The gym memberships, the boutique classes, personal training, comes at a cost, FALSE! There are SO many FREE fitness options to take advantage of…check it out.

Take it Outside

It doesn’t cost a thing to go for a walk, run, use your local park as your gym. You’ll have all the space you need to wErk it! Walking lunges, squats, push-ups, crunches…you can get a total body workout with only you. Create an awesome playlist for yourself to get you pumped or find a friend to walk or wErk with.

Do it Group Style

There are loads of wonderful opportunities, regardless of where you live, to take classes at low or NO cost. Go into your local gym to see if they have a FREE trial. Especially in the beginning of the year, fitness centers will most likely give you at minimum a free day. 24 Hour Fitness offers a free 7 day pass for new members. In the northeast check out NYSC (or in your area, BSC, WSC, PSC) and get 30 days for $30 at their clubs.  Test it out, try a class, feel the vibe. If there are multiple gyms in your area, you can play this fun game of cheap or FREE until the cold winter chill passes. If you have the benefit of having one of my favorite fitness stores, Lululemon. in your area call or pop in! Most if not all Lulu stores have running clubs, free yoga and group exercise classes. ake it a great game

A Lil’ FIERCE Promo!

I have the GREAT pleasure to work for Equinox, a FIERCE national fitness Club. Equinox sponsors an amazing program in NYC called Shape Up NYC for the New York Parks Department. This program is continuing on into their 3rd year! We kicked off 2012 with a program called ‘New Year New You’. I’m So grateful for opportunity to give back to my community and to share my love of health and fitness!

Watch the NY1 story that aired yesterday. You GO NYC!

If you’re in the NY Area check out the the Awesome Shape Up Program. Click HERE for classes in your area or come to MY CLASSES!

Me, the Commish & The AWESOME Shape Up NYC crew!

If you have a FIERCE Free tip share away, leave a comment!

No more excuses,



I can see you GETTINGFIERCE!

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  1. I agree that on a nice sunny and moderate day, it is nice to go for a run or bike ride outside, maybe do some outdoor yoga on the piers along the Hudson or play some basketball outside. However, in the weather of January and February, which is traditionally cold, what kind of outdoors activities would you recommend, given that sometimes it could take a little time to even get warmed up. Also, do you see any advantages in training in the cooler weather that might help in terms of becoming more fit as opposed to running on a treadmill or training in a gym, where the environment is more controlled. I recall that sometimes training at different altitudes could help with improving the efficiency of lungs to absorb and utilize oxygen as at higher altitudes, the oxygen concentrations are less. I was wondering if there was similar sort of effect when training in the cooler weather?

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