Can You REALLY ‘Boost’ Your Metabolism?

I’m big on understanding the backstory on things. I want to know the ‘WHY?’ Ever since I was a kid in the backseat (or that’s a lie, I was in the front seat…you didn’t need to be 12 to sit shotgun back in the day!) I would constantly ask my mom, “Why?” It didn’t matter what the question was, Why is the sky blue? Why are you waving at that person? Why do I have to go to ballet? (not a fan, I hated wearing the mauve leotard and I wasn’t allowed to wear legwarmers!) I digress, so I think the best way to answer this question is with asking the question:
By definition metabolism is all of the chemical reactions by which complex molecules taken into an organism (food) are broken down to produce energy and by which energy is used to build up complex molecules (restore your body). Breakin’ it down: metabolism is the way your bod breaks down the food so it can be used as energy and the way it uses that energy to build your body back up, restore internal tears, fight germs etc. Make sense?
Here are some things that can help you ‘BOOST’ or keep your metabolism running at it’s optimal level.
  1. Get more SLEEP: Check out my post ‘Wanna Lose Weight? Go to BED!
  2. Wake up EARLY: By starting your day early, eating a healthy breakfast you allow your body to kick-start its engine. Think of it as gassing up for the day. Try starting out with #5 first and adding a glass of water before you jump into the shower. Whether you’re getting all your ZZZs or not, think about it…you haven’t had anything to drink in at least (hopefully) 5 hours! Your body with is thirsty and will THANK YOU!
  3. DUH, Work Out: Adding the increased movement will add an additional Caloric burn and keep your body’s chemical reactions happenin’.
  4. Eat Throughout the Day: Now remember Calories MATTER (and so does what you eat, Twinkies verses Kale), but consistently feeding your Bod is a sure way to maintain your body’s proper function.
  5. Stay Hydrated, Drink WATER: Not only starting out with a glass of water, but drinking your 1/2 your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water throughout the day…HUH? Okay, I weigh 125 lbs, I drink (at minimum) 63 oz of water a day.
  6. Add a Little ‘FIAH’ to Your Food: By adding a bit of heat with spices like cayenne or through foods like jalapenos you can increase your internal body temp aka, ‘revving’ your metabolism. (TIP: My favorite way to GET this in is to make a cup of hot water with lemon and add a couple of shakes (as many as your little taste buds can handle) of cayenne. I try to do it in the AM, but the early AM classes make it challenging, so it tends for me to be an afternoon habit…try it!)
  7. Eat the Correct Amount of Calories for YOU: In order for your body to take in the amount of Calories you need you need to know what’s the correct amount for YOU. To find your number click HERE!

GET Proud!

Keep up all the good work my FIERCE FRIENDS! This post came as a result of a ‘Comment’. What you want to know matters. Comment, e-mail me, lemme know whatcha thinkin’. If YOU have a question chances are someone else has the same one, shout it out. We’re in this game together!

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1 thought on “Can You REALLY ‘Boost’ Your Metabolism?

  1. Nice post and nice looking page. Metabolism is a hard thing to understand, as there are many things that effect it. The single most important variable in raising metabolism is gaining lean muscle mass. This is a hard concept for a lot of people to understand because it sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not… you gotta eat to lose weight. 1 pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories a day. So if you were to put on 10 pounds of muscle spread evenly throughout your body, you will burn 500 more calories a day even while you sleep! It takes food to build muscle, so feed yourselves.
    Also, you mentioned drinking plenty of water. We are grossly undereducated as a whole on proper hydration. Everyone’s body, DNA fingerprint, and metabolism are as unique as their fingerprint, so why would a generic formula like “8 – 8 oz. glasses of water” or “Drink half of your body weight in oz.” work for everyone. What you want to do is take your body weight and multiply it by .66 (our bodies are roughly 66% water give or take), and that give you how much you need in ounces a day. If you do the calculations, you’ll find it’s quite more than what you thought, and keep this in mind as well. it doesn’t take into consideration sweat loss during exercise. I have a series of posts about hydration in general, pre, during, and post exercise here. There’s a lot of other informational articles there I hope you like as well.

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