Feelin’ A Lil’ Tipsy? GET BALANCED

You Got it Goin’ On…and A LOT of IT!

You’re busy little bees; work, the kids, working out, friends, family, fun…it’s a lot! Finding time to manage it all is a job itself. Staying balanced and taking YOU time is very important to being whole and healthy. The Chinese describe this as the “yin and yang”, the ALL. You can see everything as “yin and yang”, light and dark, up and down, day and night…you need one for the other to be possible.

So What?

It’s important to see what you’re focused on, in your body or in your life and see if your ‘opposite’ is being balanced out. If you’re working late are you getting enough rest? If you’re spending time focused on your spouse or children are you taking time for you? If you’re workouts are intense are you finding balance in a yoga or dance, something that will bring ease and flow? Taking a moment to think about YOU might just be the answer you need.

Take a Sec

Now, take a deep breath. Think about the first thing that comes to mind that you’re doing ‘a lot’ of, complaining, working, eating, anything goes. Then try over the next few days to do the opposite, give gratitude, rest, eat mindfully…make sense? It’s time to find balance my friends.

Sending you love and peace!



I can see you GETTING BALANCED!!!