If You Want it, You Gotta Play(list)!

Giant DUH, Me!

Some days I struggle with what to write. I think, “What do people wanna read about?” THIS is one of the most obvious answers and clearly (if you’re in any of my classes) super important to me! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write about mi favorito part of working out (minus the benefits of course)…MUSIC!


The joy of a new playlist or when someone comes up to me after class with a giant smile saying, “What song was that? I loved it!” or “You brought me back to high school with that song” it’s awesome. What I LOVE even more than the words after class is when people start singing in class! Good voice, bad voice…who cares, it’s all about the feeling! Music makes you feel good, it raises your bar and pushes you to new heights. Nothing makes me (or you kids, I’ve witnessed) workout harder than a hot jam!

Keep it FIERCE…Keep it FRESH

Just like your veggies, you’ve gotta keep your music fresh. I’m a song killer, I totally admit it! When I love a song I play it and play it and play it again. It gets old after a while and loses its exhilarating feeling. Moral of the story, keep your music exciting, change it up!

It’s for YOU!

Pick music that YOU like. Nothing is worse than a song that doesn’t inspire you. For me I love me some 50 Cent or Missy, but that doesn’t work for everyone! Some people like heavy metal or rock to pump them up and while that makes my ears bleed a little, you gotta do what werks for YOU.  I’ve started posting my cycling playlists HERE, but if you’re short on time to click through, below are some of my favorites (today, before I kill ’em) to ride, run, lift or just shake it to:

  • Warm it Up Kris – Kris Kross (Love this for warming up!)
  • In da Club – 50 Cent (Gonna play this in ALL my classes on 2.15…it’s my Birthday!)
  • We Run This – Missy Elliot
  • Ain’t Nobody – Mary J. Blige
  • Take it to da House – Trick Daddy
  • Wild Ones – Flo Rida (feat. Sia)
  • The Anthem – Pitbull (not sure this one will EVER get old for me!)
  • Come Baby Come – K7
  • Call on Me – Eric Prydz
  • Damaged – Danity Kane (NOPE, not at all ashamed to say I love DK! Diddy, you need to REmake this band!)
  • Beggin’ – Madcon
  • Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest
  • Love on Top – Beyonce (Good for a cool down or for shakin’ it round your room singing into the mirror…alone!)
  • Ascension – Maxwell (hmmm, maybe this is better for workin’ up a different kinda sweat. Share it with someone you love. Mmmm…Maxwell!)

I think we’re gonna keep this in the mix for a regular blog topic. I’ll let you know about new joints that get me all amped up!

Shake it up today & ENJOY



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I can see you GETTING FIERCE!