Pay It Forward: It’s a Challenge!

Thursday’s on the GETFIERCE TRAINING page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s challenge is all about giving.

Week 5 Challenge

Like one of my favorite children’s book character, Auntie Claus, says, “It is far better to give than it is to receive.” Let’s test out her theory. Starting today do something heart heathy and give a ‘gift’ to someone. Once a day for this week share a random act of kindness with a stranger, a loved one…anyone. I think you’ll find that good ol’ Auntie Claus is right!

My Experience

Today as I was walking down to the L train back to the City from Brooklyn I heard this awesome sound! It was this great singer/drummer playing in the subway. I’ve seen him before and he always makes me smile. Sometimes he’s there with another musician who plays while he sings and tap dances. It sounds a little cheesy as I type it, but really he’s amazing! It’s New York, people ignore everything around them, but this gent brought everyone on that platform together. His music today was his gift. As he finished one of his songs he gave his Twitter address and asked us to follow him and I’m going to ask the same of you. Not only will you be following a great performer, but you can download his album for FREE! I invite you to follow @MrReedEnt on Twitter.

Be a Giver

Let’s try it! Do one thing a day that gives the gift of kindness just because. A coffee to your doorman, send (via mail not an e-version) a card to a friend, give an EXTRA tip to your server/cabbie/barista. See how it makes YOU feel. I’m bettin’ it will make your heart smile and bring up your FIERCEness for the day and then the whole week!


Like I always say, it’s NOT just about our bods, or our jobs, or our relationships, our financial circumstance…it’s a confidence in it ALL! This week will help you to see the power you have to bring joy to not only others but to yourself!



It’s a Challenge Thursdays

I can see you GETTING FIERCE-R!