My Eye Opener

I remember my senior year in college I was studying in the library and found this chart in one of my sports med books. I remember looking at it and wanting to DIE! I wasn’t sure exactly what I weighed, but I knew it was way over 150 and being 5’1” that meant that I was ‘severely overweight’. Now, that should have been crystal clear to me just by looking in the mirror, but for some reason this chart really brought it home for me. I needed a reality check! The dry cleaner didn’t shrink my dress, I DID eat/drink that much last night and that designer really doesn’t “size differently”. It’s ALL good (now, I have to say then I was a bit devastated!) Knowing where I was helped me get to where I am! This is the point, if we don’t know where we’re starting from, how can we get anywhere except for more lost?


Now’s your time. If you feel something in your world is “off”; your relationship, your health, your career, it’s time to take a REAL look at YOU. If there’s something that’s been “looming” over you, that you’ve been complaining about it’s time to change your course. It doesn’t need to be a complete 180..it starts with a step. Acknowledge what you want to shift in your world into and then take a step in THAT direction. Today is YOUR day!


The steps DO add up. Have faith in your strength. Stay committed to where it is you want to go and each day keep moving forward a little closer to your vision for YOU. It’s time you started to believe in YOU…you’re worth it!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!