Recommitting: It’s a Challenge!

Thursday’s on the GETFIERCE TRAINING page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s challenge is all about giving.

Week 6 Challenge

We’re bringin’ it back! In the Week 4 Challenge we had a 3 week challenge put on the table. Here were the rules:

I want you to think about a physical goal you have for yourself; a weight you want to be, a race you want to run, a number of pushups you want to do, it can be anything. Here’s the challenge, go there, get it, do it. Set your vision, your intention and then set a daily goal for yourself. The goal should increase over the next 3 weeks (i.e. start with 10 push ups a day and in week 3 50!) Do IT (whatever your IT is) EVERY day for the next 21 days! This challenge will get you closer to your goal and Commit to YOU!

My Experience

Okay, so I’m layin’ it all out! here. 21 days is a LONGGGGG time! On day one I was ready to call it quits. Today is day 15, I’m done on the 15th of the month, my birthday, and I’m SO excited! I have to say the past week has been challenging. I’ve not been AS committed as I was in week one. I’ve had some organic raw nuts, some dried fruit that I didn’t really NEED to have and I haven’t been having the full number of shakes per day. And last Friday night I did indulge in a couple of glasses of wine. All in all not bad, but not exceptional exceptional either. For these last 7 days I’m committing to give my absolute best. I’m following the rules one raw/steamed organic vegetable meal and all 4 herbal shakes with all the best!

Let’s Do This!

Whatever you committed to in Week 4 it’s time to focus HARD CORE! Commit to be your absolute best for these last 7 days! Whatever it takes, it’s GO time.


Like I always say, it’s NOT just about our bods, or our jobs, or our relationships, our financial circumstance…it’s a confidence in it ALL! This week you’ll be making yourself proud knowing that you’re doing your BEST!



It’s a Challenge Thursday: Past Challenges

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