GET EASY: It’s a Challenge!

Thursday’s on the GETFIERCE TRAINING page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s challenge is all about bringing back (or getting for the first time) the “Ease”.

Week 7 Challenge

This week we’re going to reflect, Ahhh. If you’ve been following GFT, we started a challenge in Week 4 that lasted 21 days…CHALLENGING…and that was the point! To do something for 3 weeks builds your strength, confidence and commitment. Focusing on what you want and one step at a time getting to that place in time. Today the challenge is bringing in the EASE. Letting the changes that have occurred over the past 21 days settle in, let it become the new you. Make doing the push-ups each day or choosing the salad instead of the fries or drinking all the water be YOUR THING. It doesn’t have to be so hard. This is now YOU! You’re Easy! (Punn totally intended.)

My Experience

For my 21 day challenge I did a cleanse. It was prescribed by my holistic doc and it was pretty intense, but totally manageable, or so I thought before I began. On day one I was ready to call it quits. The shakes I was meant to drink (3x/day) tasted TERRIBLE, I felt like a contestant on Fear Factor! How was I going to be able to do this?

I could eat 2 meals/day all organic fruits and veg raw and steamed. This part was okay, but got really boring.around Day 9 or so. I was then drinking the shakes without a problem, but wanting to ‘spice up’ the food a bit. This feeling passed and around day 15 it all started to come together, it got easier. It’s just the way it was going to be at least for the next 6 days. I was now totally okay drinking the formerly described Fear Factor shakes and eating all the fruits and veg. Now a day out of the cleanse I’m happy at what I achieved. I made it through (don’t get me wrong, in the 1st 10 days I had 3 glasses of wine (not allowed) along the way and some nuts, which are allowed, but only as a ‘treat’).

Today, being a day out of this process I feel like I’m actually still very much IN the game and it’s easy. I like and more importantly want to choose the organic veggies. I added in a little tempeh to my lunch, but otherwise it’s the same and I love it. What was once VERY challenging and I didn’t think I would be able to continue through has become easy…SO GREAT! Not only do I feel much better I lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks that’s not a bad deal. I’m keeping this up and doing it with ease and a smile!

Let’s Do This!

Whatever you committed to in Week 4 (or if you didn’t do one pick something now. It’s never too late!) get into it. What do I mean? Let that thing be YOU. Let the choices you make support your goal. Allow this process to be easy and feel like less of a challenge. It’s a process and it it’s brand new to you it will take time to introduce into your life. Think about the beginning of a relationship. It takes time to get to know someone, then after time you feel comfortable, at home with them. This is the same with this process. It may seem awkward to choose something new or create a new habit, but over time it becomes YOU.

The game here is to LET it happen with ease. If you ‘mess up’ or make a choice you’re not happy with…it’s OKAY. It’s a learning process and next time you’ll know to choose differently when you’re in that situation. This takes time, so know that and give yourself a break, be easy!


Like I always say, it’s NOT just about our bods, our jobs, our relationships, our financial circumstance…it’s about it ALL! This week you’ll be making yourself proud knowing that you’re doing your BEST with ease! This is YOU…YOU are FIERCE!



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