You’re Sweet Enough: It’s a Challenge!

Thursday’s on the GETFIERCE TRAINING page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s challenge was posed to me on Monday is all about letting go of the hold that sugar has on us.

Sugar is highly addictive. Studies by Professor Bart Hoebel and his team in the Department of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience have shown that rats eating large amounts of sugar when hungry, a phenomenon he describes as sugar-bingeing, undergo neurochemical changes in the brain that appear to mimic those produced by substances of abuse, including cocaine, morphine and nicotine. Yikes, not only will it make you fat, but it’s additive properties will have you going back for more and more!

Week 7 Challenge: Let’s Kick It!

This week we’re going to let go of sugar or sugar substitute. The rules:

  • no sugar (brown, high fructose, granulated, it all)
  • no sugar substitute (aspartame, Equal, Sweet & Low, agave)
  • Fruits are a giant YES! Whole foods are a perfect way to satisfy your ‘sweet tooth’

My Experience

If someone had suggested this to me 5 years ago I would have told them to eff off! I would have been pissed. I had Sweet & Low in my coffee each morning. I had every and any kind of fat-free dressing made (the more chemically and calorie free the better!) I also had a giant fountain diet soda for my ultimate hangover cure…double whammy! I was addicted to artificial crap.

About 4 years ago I gave up all artificial sugars and sweeteners. It was a GIANT challenge at first, but then it became who I was, who I am. I recently had a sip of the ‘wrong’ coffee and ugh..if you could have seen the face I made…NASTY! It was a chemically over sweet nastiness and it only had one Splenda in it (I use to have 2 S&Ls in my coffee). I couldn’t believe that this was way old normal. It takes time to make the change, but it starts with little steps.

Now I still eat some sugar, but not like I use to AT ALL. I have a weekly ‘treat’ and that’s it. I still like to have a sweet treat at the end of my meals, but now do it with tea or fruit. I know it sounds crazy if you like your PM ice cream or cookie, but like I said it takes time to recreate your normal. Take this next week for you to start to free yourself from sugar.


Like I always say, it’s NOT just about our bods, our jobs, our relationships, our financial circumstance…it’s about it ALL! This week you’ll be making yourself proud knowing that you’re freeing yourself from and addiction! Who knew?



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