It’s a Journey!

Life is a process. Every step that we take is either one closer or further away from our goal. At different times in our lives we are focused more intently on different things; career, relationships, finances, health, but it’s the intensity that we bring to each that determines our success and success is subjective.

My Experience

I was thinking about how I wanted to step up my fitness game. I decided to start running again. Last week I decided that I would run for a 1/2 hour 2x a week a VERY reasonable goal. I’ve run 2 marathons (Boston to boot) and countless 1/2 marathons, but I never considered myself a runner. I never got that runner’s “high” except when I landed back at my door when I was done, elated that it was over!

I hopped on the treadmill after my 6:15AM Spin class and started running…5 minutes in I was DONE. My legs felt like they weighed 1,000 pounds, my lungs were burning, I had had it. I hopped OFF the treadmill  and decided that I was done. I don’t know if it was the day, my mindset, hydration (which I’m a huge proponent of making a giant difference in runs…all physical activity), but on that day I wasn’t ready, wasn’t committed and I hadn’t realized what a different place I was at.

I had always been able to run a 10K (6.4 miles) without training. I teach 17 classes a week, I’m fit! I had run 26.2 miles in the past, I use to consider 12 mile runs “short”, how could I be here? I was discouraged with my running stamina. I began to think about it a little bit more and I realized running wasn’t my focus. I’ve been teaching full out, training my clients and I haven’t trained to run, of course I wasn’t gonna rock it at my first go. It’s a process and this is another starting point. This is my journey and one I’m committed to making more a focus in my life.

What’s the point? 

If we’re gonna end up where we started then why even try…that is definitely one way to look at it (a pessimistic way, but a way). We get what we focus on. If your goal is to run a marathon then set your intention and create a plan. Get a program, get your kicks, get out and do it. This is the same thing with anything we do. It’s one step at a time and by bringing our focus to it everyday.

Create Your Plan

Write your plan for where you want to go. Write what you want and create your process, your plan of how to get to your dream. Bring attention to your intention and stay committed to yourself. If it’s a change in career, hanging out with loved ones more often, finding a lover…it can be ANYTHING! See it, feel it and then BE it! This is your time and today is YOUR day!



I can see you GETTING FIERCE!