Fear Sucks!

If you read my blog yesterday you’ll know that I checked out CrossFit last night. Let me just say from the get go that I LOVED it! I had a fantastic ‘coach’ named Dan. He was friendly and informative (and totally cute too!).

What Was It Like?

Dan broke down all of the movements we’d be doing during our first introductory session. There were 18 of us CrossFit newbies, men and women of varying fitness levels. We paired up. I had a super nice girl named Lauren as my partner. The WOD (Workout Of the Day) was 5 air squats, broad jump, burpee, broad jump burpee, boad jump then REPEAT for 10 minutes non-stop. I went first while Lauren cheered me on. We got a time check at minute 2 and my legs were already fired up. I was going against loads of 20-30 year old men. I was killing it. I was watching them walk of the mat as I was pushing and jumping…harder, higher. I was killing it.

About five minutes in I was in the zone. I was completely focused on the task at hand. When Dan called, “Time” at 10 minutes I was DONE! My legs were shaking, I was dripping sweat. The BEST part of it all was my lungs were on fire, like I could feel them bleeding. that sensation that you get when you’re totally worked over. I hadn’t felt that feeling since sprinting up against an offender on the soccer field in high school. I was invigorated…THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!

The WORST Part…

I almost missed out on the entire experience! My fear, my worry, my doubt almost kept me out of that room, kept me from that feeling again. Like the title of this entry says…Fear Sucks! It literally sucked the life right out of me. For two days I was so fearful, SO worried I’d fail that I almost kept myself from having this moment.

Cut the -Ish

What has you so scared that you’re not even letting yourself experience failure because you’re not going for it?

Fear, worry, doubt only get in the way of how great we can be. Who cares if you fall? It’s the trying that counts.  If I had sucked or hated CrossFit last night I would have lived, right? I had to fight through my scardy-pants, suck it up and go for it. Why worry when you have no idea what the result is? It’s normal FOR SURE, but you…let me rephrase…WE have to push through it! THIS place where we get to is when we find our TRUE FIERCENESS!

I love you guys! GO Fight Your Fear and GETFIERCE!


I can see you GETTING FIERCE-R!


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