AS IF…: It’s a Challenge!

Thursday’s on the GETFIERCE TRAINING page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s challenge is all about believing in your dream!

Week 10 Challenge: AS IF

Today I want you to take a moment, stop and  think about your goals. What’s your ideal body, job, relationship, financial state, home…everything? What do you want your dream life to look like? I want you to focus on this vision. Be clear about IT, SEE IT in your mind. FEEL IT in your body…realize that THIS IS YOU! You wouldn’t have these desires if you didn’t believe that it was possible. It may seem “crazy” or “too much” in the beginning, but this is only the start. We need to start believing in ourselves before things actually happen. You need to create the space in your mind, in your heart to allow what you want to come to you.

My Turn

One exercise that is recommended for people who are looking for a relationship (ahem…me!)  is to “act as if”. Create room in your closet for that person’s clothes. Sleep on one side of the bed. Have lamps on both sides of the bed (for bedtime reading, I assume). The point is to create the space for that person to enter your world…to act as if they’re there. When I first heard this I was like…”That’s freakin’ bananas!” I thought that it’s just one more wacked out thing for single women in New York to do. I’ve never done this activity (even though I’m a 34 year old single gal!) NOW is the time…I’m gonna play the game…I’m going to “act as if”. Now’s my time to clean out the closet!!!

What are you gonna do? What’s your goal? If it’s the bod you want…go get the jeans in the size you wanna be! ACT AS IF! Post it in the comments section what you’re gonna do this week. It’s your time!


Like I always say, it’s NOT just about our bods, our jobs, our relationships, our financial circumstance…it’s about it ALL! This week you’ll be focusing on where you wanna be. It’s like the dress rehearsal for your life. You’re getting ready. This is the NEW YOU…YOU are FIERCE!



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