Servin’ it Up Straight


One of the most frustrating things I come across as a health professional is when a client, comes to me trying to “do the right thing” and gets bamboozled by the ‘Man’. There are so many instances where people try to make healthful choices, but end up in the same unhealthy circumstances. Today I want to talk (or write) about nutritional labeling. Nutritional labels are meant to inform us as consumers, BUT many times can misrepresent the product if it’s read improperly.

Por Ejemplo (“For Example” for all of my English speaking friends)

This is a nutritional label for a bag of trail mix. Now while you think you’re picking up something fairly healthy there’s a down side…If you look carefully the actual serving size for this bag is 5! That’s FIVE! Now, if you’re anything like the old me (check HERE) you may just take this bag and go to town until you hit bottom. The serving size is 1 oz which isn’t very much and the Calorie count is 140 for the ONE serving.

The BIG Picture

I’ll do the math on the WHOLE bag for you. While the single serving size is 140 Cal, the Calorie count if you down the bag is 700, because again there are 5 servings! You may think you’re having a nice light midday snack, but you’ve just had 1/3 of your daily Caloric intake. (These numbers are based on a 2,000 Cal diet which is higher or lower based on individual need. Check this out to learn what YOUR SPECIFIC CALORIC NEEDS). The total fat for the bag is 45 grams or 3/4 of your daily allowance.  And while the bag seemingly doesn’t have a lot of ‘carbs’, no obvious signs like bread or such…the whole count on the bag is 60g with 35g coming from sugar, yikes!

So What…

The take away from this lil’ lesson is don’t let industry rule what you put in your body. A bag or a box is NOT A SERVING! We need to take control and start reading the labels on our food. Portion out one serving, eat it and if you want more go for it, but KNOW and choose it deliberately and not mindlessly chow down until you hit bottom…or it WILL end up hitting your bottom!

Sending you all so much love!!!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!