She May Look Like a Sweet Grandma…

But NOT So Fast Granny!

I thought my rant last week about the new ‘treatment’ for Type 2 Diabetes was a one-off, but now thanks to the lovely Ms. Paula Deen I’m back at it again.

The Backstory

Paula Deen plays the lovable grandma character on the Food Network and so many daily talk shows, sharing her highly caloric and artery clogging recipes all the while raking in millions in cookbook sales and endorsements. Deen was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes over 3 years ago, but only announced it to the public when she became the spokesperson for Novo Nordisk, a drug company focused on Diabetes….hmmm…Paula, you best get to talkin’ straight, Gurl!

I’m Totally WIth Anthony Bourdain!

When Anthony Bourdain famed chef (known for his around the world food and travel adventures and abbrasive attitude) heard of Dean’s diagnosis he Tweeted, “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.” Touche Mr. Bourdain! I’m proud of you for standing up and saying what’s (in my opinion…clearly this is MY blog) right. I know it’s the “hard” thing to do as a celebrity and nobody’s gonna pay you to pimp kale or beets, BUT what a gift it would be to people to see her make the shift, to eat for health.

This woman could stand from her platform, say in her southern droll that her mama and her mama before her cooked with love, but now that she’s learned about her health challenge she’s not only cookin’ with love, but with smarts too. She could cook and eat for health and to heal. I may be crazy (I know I am a lil’) but I think that a lot of people would listen.

A Wolf in Grandma’s Bed

Just like in Lil’ Red Riding Hood, people aren’t always what they may seem. Rightly, Nova Novartis SHOULD be paying Deen…she’s promoting T2D with each recipe she shares with the world! I use to think watching Paula dean was comical. I thought it was grotesque how much lard and butter she would put into everything. Throw it in the fryer…it’s better that way! To me, I wouldn’t cook or eat this way, so it was laughable…but people DO (I totally DID)! I don’t blame people for their ignorance about the link between food and health, BUT what I do think people should do is take responsibility.

Take Time to Learn

Ms. Deen, in my opinion, has a responsibility as a public figure and as a food authority do teach people about food and part of that is what it does to your body.  Give us a little credit, Paula, if you changed your tune I bet a lot of people would listen and get a lot healthier for it.

Thank you Anthony Bourdain, for your snarky (love it) attitude and for speaking up. I’m listening!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!