GET More: It’s a Challenge!

Thursdays on the GETFIERCE page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s is all about fitness! DUH ME…this is a health & wellness site and fitness IS what I do, but in 13 weeks there hasn’t been a fitness challenge, Not No Mo’!!!

Bring “It” On!

For the past 8 months I’ve been teaching 15 classes a week. Some I go full out, some I coach my students through verbally and some I admittedly give about 50% physically (cut a girl some slack!) I’ve been working my bod, but not getting WERKED. I had been hearing about CrossFit from everyone and their brother, but I was so fearful to try (check out my FEAR SUCKS for that full story).

The short of it is, I tried this class out and I love it. It challenges me, it satisfies my competitive spirit and it TOTALLY wErks me over. But now there’s MORE…last week one of my fitness managers asked me to take on another TWO AM Cycling classes at 6AM for a private group. Not only is it ANOTHER 2 classes a week (& at an unGodly hour), but it’s right before my CrossFit class. I totally didn’t want to take it on, but for some unknown reason I was compelled to say yes.

Now let me just say that the afore-mentioned site is a corporate location filled with fianaciers (fill in your own stereotype here). I was a little uneasy not knowing what was to come or who would walk through the door. I use to work for this corporation (on the banking side) and I thought that it may have been my old boss surprising me. It wasn’t…BUT it was and is an amazingly fun crew who makes getting up in the 4s totally doable and dare I say enjoyable! Not only do these kids (okay, fine not kids, but at heart they are, for sure) kill it in class, but they totally get me all amped up for my CrossFit class.

MY commitment for the next week is to fully BRING IT! In that 3 hour stretch on Tuesday and Thursday mornings I will be going FULL OUT. I’m inspired!

Week 13 Challenge: Step It Up a Notch

Whatever your “it” is fitness wise take it up a level. If you haven’t gotten off the couch or don’t know where your sneakers even are then GET UP AND GO FIND THEM. Commit to 30 minutes of SOMETHING 1x or even better 3x a week. If you’re a runner add a mile or speed up your pace. If you’ve been meaning to add yoga into your routine, do it! YOU get to decide what YOUR challenge is. What you give is what you get my friends; it’s fitness karma. The bigger you make your challenge the more you’ll see WHAT you’re made of.

Post in the comments section what YOUR challenge will be this week.

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