FIERCE & Fun Friday

Nail It!

With all my ranting lately about obesity, diabetes, Paula Deen, I thought I would take it to the lighter side this holiday weekend. What make you feel good…Fierce even? Whatever your answer is take time to do IT this weekend. For me, my joy and special time each week is getting my nails done. I like taking that time to sit and relax to enjoy ME. I also love the feeling of being well manicured not to mention the massage while drying…LOVE!


My friend, Andrea, gave me the most AMAZNG gift! It was these stickers that you put on your nails called Kiss, Nail Dress. I thought, awesome how cool and then they sat on my dresser for about a month. I love my mani/pedi time. I can barely put clear polish on my hands without looking a mess. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it myself. I decided, while I was procrastinating from cleaning my room, the other night that I would give ’em a try. They are SO easy to use. You stick ’em on, cut ’em down, then file the top. I think both hands took me under 5 minutes and they look GREAT! People have been stopping me on the street at the coffee shop saying, “Oh, I love your nails!” Who knew?

Be FIERCE & Have Fun!

Go do something this weekend that make you feel good. Maybe see if you can bring that joy to yourself, could you make it a DIY? If not, then go enjoy…either way go be FIERCE and FUN!

Have a wonderful weeknd!!!


PS – Thanks Andi!

I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!

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