Tighten Up Tuesday

We Are, But All Exercises Are Not Equal

It probably comes as no surprise that not all muscle building exercises are considered equal. Muscle-bearing exercises are divided up into two categories; isolation exercises, and compound exercises.

Isolation exercises are those that involve the movement of a single joint. A good example of an isolation exercise is a bicep curl. Your elbow is the only “mover” or joint that undergoes a full range of motion in this exercise, and the bicep muscle is one getting severely stressed, hence the isolation exercise category.

GETTIN’ More Out of Your Workout

Compound exercises as you may assume, are exercises involving 2 or more joints and large groups of muscle working together in one FIERCE movement. A great example of a compound exercises is the squat. Squats involve movement of the ankle, knee, and hip joints. The muscles that are directly worked are the quads, hamstrings, gluts, back, and core muscles. Compound movements work the majority of your body’s main muscle groups.

As a fitness professional  you can’t beat compound exercises. They are some of the most effective exercises for building muscle and burning fat., because they involve so many muscles, they have a greater effect on your metabolism than isolation exercises. Not only will you burn more Calories, but you’ll do it in a decreased amount of time! Who can beat that???

Check out Ben demonstrating the proper technique for squatting. You don’t need a barbell to do squats, you can most definitely do them with just the weight of your own bod.

Hookin’ you up, My Fierce Friends! Now, go get to squattin’.



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!