Picture It

Whatchu Want?

Back in the day when Oprah featured memory boards on her show I thought, “How cheesy! Who would do that?” I use to think that creating a picture or manifestation board was crazy, but now I’m totally on board. I’m ready to have what I want. I’m ready to create it. If it takes cutting out of magazines images of the body, the family, the love I want then that’s what I’m gonna do!

What I Want

Here’s what MY memory board looks like. It’s hanging in my room and when I’m flipping through a magazine and think, “I want that!” I cut it out and put it up on my board to have it in my mind. It’s really just another way to keep what you want at the forefront of your daily thoughts.

Your Turn

So now, if you don’t have a manifestation board give ti whirl! Grab some magazines and a poster board and get to cuttin’! Find images of your dream and paste away. If you have a memory board and it’s been hanging for a long time change it up…add too it OR just spend a moment to really LOOK at it. See the images that you picked to represent what you want. Believe that what you want is possible, create your vision…you CAN have it ALL.

Have fun with this! It may take time to create, but you’re worth it!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!