Hooray It’s Friday!

Let’s Jump for Joy!

I wanted to share with you a Groupon Deal for my friend and collegue Mr. Mario Godiva Green! Mario’s specialty, along with being super fun and HOT are his Kangoo classes!

Originally designed for low-impact injury rehabilitation, Kangoo shoes have been forged into elite fitness tools by Kangoo Nation and Mario Godiva Green. Their springy step grants the wearer the benefits of rebounding and jumping with little danger to joints. Students can pounce off the weight with a schedule of classes including Kangoo Konditioning, which loads space-walking participants with dumbbells and resistance bands for high-intensity interval training. Half performance art, half fitness class, Kangoo Hip HOP teaches members to hop to the beat during freestyle routines.

I’ll be home celebrating Greek Easter this weekend, but you can hop like a FIERCE little bunny with Mario this weekend.




I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!