Cheaper & Healthier…Seems Like a No-Brainer!

The Easy Way Out!

So, it’s VERY convenient, especially in NYC to pop into a restaurant and grab lunch or dinner on the go, but do you REALLY know what’s going into your food? I’ll answer that for you….Nope! The only way to know definitively what’s in it is to buy and prepare it yourself.

Not only will you know exactly what is going into your food, but it’s also a sense of pride and accomplishment that goes into your meal and your bod.  Sundays are a great time for prepping your food for the week and for grocery shopping, but if you don’t have the time, like my high school soccer coach, Jackson Foster, use to say, “Follow the K.I.S.S. method, Keep It Simple, Stupid”. It’s a great way to think about cooking. It doesn’t need to be crazy complicated it can be easy to cook for you and your family.

But How?

Take some time to go to the grocery store and get a whole bunch of your favorite veggies. On Sunday night (or Monday if that’s more your style) take time to chop ‘em all up so they’re ready for you to use throught the week. Store them in the Tupperware, best if it’s glass, in the ‘fridge. You can use them to bring to work for a salad. The next night take some veggies and a chicken breast or your favorite protein and make a stir-fry with some brown rice. The next day you can add some black beans and a whole wheat pita and you can have a burrito. You can use the same ingredients all week long adding in additional things, swapping ingredients out to make entirely new meals! K.I.S.S. (But now I’m changin’ the last ‘S’ to Smarty!)

Be Proud

Not only will you know for sure what’s in your food, but you get to add that extra element…Vitamin L…LOVE! If you like, cook with music and dance a lil around the kitchen. You’ll burn some extra calories and have some fun too! It’s my favorite way to do it!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!