Yeah, This Is Not What I Would Recommend…

What’s Next?

My dear friend (and clients) sent me this yesterday. As a joke he said this was going to be his pre-wedding diet plan. Take a look:

What is it?

It’s called the K-E diet. “Dieters” have a feeding tube inserted into their nose and down into their stomach. 800 Calorie/day diet is administered in solution directly through this tube. The tube is left in for 14 days (HOT, right?) and a weight loss of 20 lbs is what physicians are claiming patients will lose. Side effects include bad breath and constipation.

What Do You Think?

Really, would you do this? It’s popular among brides-to-be leading up to the big day. Listen, I know I’m not in that situation, but I like to think I have enough willpower and commitment to myself that I think I could do this on my own. Having been in 14 weddings, I’ve been witness to my bride friends hitting the gym hard and being EXTRA careful with their nutrition before the big day. I know it’s possible AND without a feeding tube.

Would you give this a try? Lemme know, post here!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!

1 thought on “Yeah, This Is Not What I Would Recommend…

  1. I think this article and trend of K-E dieting instigated two responses from within me. First, in my opinion, I feel life is about balance, or as you had mentioned earlier – I feel that the K-E dieting for 14 days prior to a wedding is slightly on the extreme side and not a well balanced approached to losing a weight and slimming up prior to a wedding. I think (as I am not an expert) that the effects of extreme measures could be negative in the long run. Yes, it may help for the one wedding day, but what about after that. Is it not possible that the balance would be shifted to another extreme and after the wedding the dieters would end up re-gaining all that weight back. As mentioned in the article the side effects are bad breath and constipation. I do not really agree with this dieting method from what I have read so far about it and I do not think there is any chance I would personally participate or encourage any friends to do it.

    As for what I, personally, think should be done is more along the lines of various points you have mentioned throughout your wonderful blog (which seems really cool when going through it). I think it would be fair to say its not always easy to shed those last few pounds, but I think with developing a balanced life style and healthy habits, it is a more practical and effective approach. Going through the first quarter of the year there are several well-written posts you have written that can ultimately guide people to having that dream body for the wedding. In terms of dieting, there are more healthy alternatives such as juice cleansing. But more practically to eat more mindfully as you mentioned – and and Building healthy habits on a day by day basis will transform us not for just one day (although a wedding day is quite big) but thereafter as well, which I think is important. Plus, I think that if the healthy habits stick around, it is possible that it could potentially influence the groom to be healthier as well and thus result in a healthier marriage in terms of fitness and healthy eating habits.

    Lastly, I think it is better to think of the wedding day as a target date – that is, it is a goal towards which one is trying to achieve. I think it makes it more practical to keep that goal in mind that, say I may want to lose 10 to 15 pounds by that date and then take practical steps one day at a time – As you mentioned - – it can be considered a journey towards the wedding day and that a small amount of planning and commitment can be enough to achieve that goal. So, in summary, I think the idea of K-E dieting is not something that I agree with..

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