You Don’t Have to Forego the Fun!


This past weekend I spent a fabulous weekend in Chicago with my girlfriends from college. We’ve been friends for 15 years. Since we’ve graduated we’ve been meeting up in the various city’s that we’re living or vacationing to places a bit warmer. As the years have passed there have been many changes amongst us; marriages, babies, break-ups, career changes, moves across the country…we’ve lived. In the past our trips entailed group tees and dancing on bars, but now we’re making “smarter” or shall I say healthier choices. (Photo: 5 years ago)

Like Fine Wine…

In the past our days would have been filled with drinking and eating, then repeat. The theme of this past weekend was similar, just a LIL’ bit different. As we’ve aged we’ve all gotten more health conscious. Our combine weight loss since college is in the hundreds of pounds (Apparently we thought we needed lots of extra padding to protect us from those cold winters in Alfred, New York). This weekend we definitely induldged, but not to crazy extremes. Instead of shots we drank wine, instead of chicken fingers there was sushi.

There was by NO means any lack of fun, AND I can honestly say that for the first time when I came home from a weekend together with this crew I didn’t gain 5 lbs or feel like I need another vacation. There are many ways to keep it healthy and have fun while you’re out with friends or away on vacation.

  • Stay Hydrated – Keep drinking LOTS of water
  • Eat – Feed yourself when you’re hungry, so when you’re out at a meal you don’t over order and then over eat.
  • Move – Wake up and workout, swim the ocean, walk the place you’re in…do whatever it takes to burn some calories and move while you’re away.

I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful group of women supporting me and growing up with me. Check out Andrea’s GORG pics and blog on our weekend of FUN!

Grow up and Have FUN…it’s FIERCE!