It’s Not Thursday, BUT It’s Time For A Challenge!

It’s TIME To Bloom

So April showers bring May flowers and now it’s time for me, well, all of us, to grow to our fullest. I thought on this May 1st it would be fun to do a challenge for the month. With Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, only 26 days away, I thought what a great time to raise my bar.

My goal is to feel AMAZING…a HOT TAMALE! I’m committed to eating whole healthy foods, no cheating! I have LOADS of excuses, “I’ve worked out 4 times today”, “I haven’t eaten all day”, “I’m tired I deserve it”…NO MORE! Today starts the truth. Small, protein dense meals, 5 times a day, no eating after 8pm and no complex carbohydrates (i.e. bread, pasta, rice, oats etc.).

I’ve shopped, chopped my veggies and I’m ready to go…actually, I’m already going. I feel better already and I’m really excited for this game. I’m taking it to the next level and really excited. I’m sure I’ll have days that are challenging (I mean really, this is Day 1, how could I NOT be excited?).

Whatchu Gonna Do?

What’s YOUR thing? What do you want to commit to? This is your time to BLOSSOM, to GROW to SHINE! Write in the comments section what you’re committing to. Let’s do this together! Teamwork makes a dream work! Let’s do this!!!