Anything for a T-Shirt!

Back to Fifth Grade

I hated, yup I’m using that word, hated the President’s Challenge when I was in elementary school! Although I was an athletic kid and always played sports, I was totally not into this challenge. The mile run, in a word, sucked. I’m short, and I was then too and I really didn’t enjoy getting all sweaty and going back to class. I just wasn’t feelin’ it. On top of that I was slow. I liked to sprint, but really didn’t see the benefit in being able to run long distances.

What Changed?

I still don’t enjoy running. Let me rephrase that…I enjoy being done with a run. I feel accomplished and WORKED! I’ve run 2 marathons (Boston at that) and countless 1/2 marathons and it still hasn’t changed my point of view on how challenging running is for me. But with that said, I will do anything for a tee shirt. I think the real reason, on top of fundraising for Children’s Hospital, for running these races was to get the celebratory shirt (and medal…and for those of you non-runner it’s totally worth it!) I saw the President’s Challenge T-shirt and I was hooked! When I get into the 90th percentile running I’m getting the shirt for myself!

One More Chance!

Its time to do it again. The President has an adult challenge for us! It’s a 1 1/2 mile timed run, 1 minute of sit ups, 1 minute of push ups, sit and reach (flexibility) and your waist measurement. You get scored on this testing and I think it’s a really good benchmark for us all. My run time was in the 70th percentile…not that hot. It’s inspired me to lace up my running shoes. I’m committed to adding in 10 miles a week to up my game. In all of the other tests I was 90% or higher. I’m going to take the challenge again in a month and see how my score improves.

Your Turn

If you want to, give it a shot! It will give you a good benchmark for yourself. Save your results and then retest yourself. Ultimately it really doesn’t matter what percentile you fall in, but that you improve over time. In my opinion, we should all keep getting better. When you are ready to take the test click HERE.

When you take the test I wanna know how you do! Post your results here!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!