5 Reasons to Meditate

Where to Start

The first time I ever tried to “meditate” it was about 4 years ago at a yoga workshop. I put it in quotes, because now that I know how meditating actually feels, 4 year ago resembled nothing of the sort. I had never sat still with my goal to “quiet the mind” as the instructor directed. I didn’t really even know what that meant. Thoughts kept racing through my head, “Am I doing this right? Are  my eyes suppose to be closed? My butt hurts. I wonder when lunch is? I wonder how long we’re going to sit here? I’m stressed.” Seriously, trying to quiet my mind seemed to make everything louder.

Eventually, I started to listen. After a few (more like 10ish) tries at meditation I started to get the hang of slowing my thoughts and became at ease with the quite sound of my breath. I found it enjoyable to breathe in and out focused on only that. Now, I try to meditate now a few times a week. Instead of stressing over it, I now treasure my moments of peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s easy to sit and focus on my breath or whatever topic I’m searching for clarity on, but sometimes it’s still challenging to slow down and just be. It takes practice and regardless of how calm my mind gets I’m so much clearer after my time in meditation. I’m grateful for my stick-to-it attitude on this one. Meditating brings me peace and calm when I’m most anxious and stressed.

Here Are 5 Reasons For YOU to Try

  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Improve sleep
  3. Manage pain
  4. Live longer
  5. Enhance concentration

It’s worth a shot. If you feel discouraged at the start, stick to it. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.



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