Go Out and Play

Back in the Day

When I was young my mom would always tell me to, “Go out and play!” Back in the day, I wasn’t good at  “playing”. There weren’t a ton of neighborhood kids my age, and believe it or not, I was pretty shy, so even if there were I probably would have still wanted to stay inside and chill. I loved soccer and was totally  into group activities, but I was never really motivated enough to go and create my own “thing” to occupy my time. Well, time has certainly changed me, for sure!


I can’t sit still…okay, unless there’s some form of Real Housewives on (lets be clear, if nothing else I am honest!) I love to walk around the city and love my time, but what I don’t do enough of is workout outdoors. Can it be that I’m still not good at playing outside? THIS WEEKEND I’m doin’ it! I posted an awesome workout about 3 months ago entitled, Take it Outside. It has 9 awesome moves that I’ll be doing poolside today. Tomorrow I’m headed to outdoor bootcamp (and intenSati…don’t worry, Nati) and Sunday is for paddle boarding. I’m takin’ my own advice and Takin’ It Outside.

Am I Becoming My Mother?

“Go Out and Play” this weekend! Post here and let me know what you’re gonna be up to this weekend?! The weather is gonna be gorge…go be FIERCE & ENJOY IT!

Sending you sunshine and love!

I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!