I’m Feelin’ It!

More Than a Feelin’

Music is a HUGE part of my world. It creates a feeling and a space for love, sadness, fun, joy. It can bring a tear to your eye with the pure melody or make you wanna run out and shake it on the dancefloor, it’s a powerful thing that music! Hearing a song on the radio can warp you back to a different time or place.

Here are some tunes that have been bringing back and creating new feelings for me. I invite you to check ’em out.

Listen Up!

  • Now That We Found Love – Heavy D and the Boyz
  • Modern Love – David Bowie (Pini’s Wedding Van!)
  • It Takes Two – Rob Base
  • Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
  • Here It Goes Again – OK Go
  • Summertime – New Kids on the Block (YUP, I went there!)
  • Whip Appeal – Babyface
  • Lucky – Jason Mraz
  • I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash
  • Float On – Modest Mouse
  • Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
  • Written All Over Your Face – Rude Boys


If there are any songs that are makin’ YOU wanna shake it or bringin’ back/creating memories for you comment below.



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!

3 thoughts on “I’m Feelin’ It!

  1. very well said! Music truly is the gift that keeps giving. It’s euphoric and it can cure anything. & btw, love the playlist!!! I was jammin to summertime-fresh prince, it bought me back to childhood!

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