H.I.I.T. That -ish!

H.I.I.T. stands for High Intensity Interval Training, an amazing way to maximize your workout time while getting the most out of your bod!

So What Is It?

In short H.I.I.T. is mini intense anaerobic (body working in bursts without oxygen) exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Sounds easy, right? Errrr…not so much. Try out this short workout below. And REMEMBER to experience the full benefit of H.I.I.T. you need to push yourself past the upper end of your aerobic zone…aka push it, push it REAL GOOD!

The Workout

  • 2 minute jump rope or jog in place (warm-up)
  • 30 seconds mountain climbers – hands on the ground in plank position, driving your knees up towards your chest with high speed
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds push ups – modified or from your toes
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds sprint jog in place with high knees
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds air squats
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds crunches
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds squat jump with weight extended overhead
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds spilt squat jumps
Repeat the above (minus the 2 minute warm up) 3 x or as many as you can get through and then do a 2 minute cool down of light jogging.
In a not-so recent NY Times article the spoke of the amazing benefits of H.I.T.T. Check it out HERE. Even the Times thinks you should check out.

Give it a shot! Make one of your workouts this week a H.I.I.T.!


I can see you GETTING FIERCE-R!