It Was a Challenge…AND It WORKS!

It Doesn’t Take Long!

On Thursdays I post a challenge to help us raise our proverbial bars. I wanted to share a happy change with you and to show you that it doesn’t have to take long to get what you’ve long desired. A little backstory for you…on June 14th I posted the challenge below.

The Game

The challenge is to, like Ron Popeil (famed inventor and Nobel Prize winner, who knew?) says, “Set it and forget it!”. Set your alarm for 3 random times during the day (during awake hours). I want you to put in the subject line of the alarm what it is you want. Huh? What I mean is, write that thing that you’re going for, the body, the job, the love and I want you to put in the subject line “I am____.” Fill in the blank with YOUR wish for yourself and act as if you already ARE it, like you already have it, it is DONE. So many times we get caught up in the -ish of the day, the stuff we “have to” do that we forget what our BIG goals and dreams are. Let this alarm be a reminder to what is REALLY important to you so that all of the other moments in the day are in line with your vision.

My Turn and IT WORKED!

Before I started this challenge I had been speaking with a dear friend. She reminded me that what I was putting out there is what I was getting in return. She reminded me that our words are powerful and by focusing on the NOT having or wanting I was getting more not having and wanting in return. I knew that, but wasn’t putting it into action. I decided to play my own game full out and lead by example! I set my alarm for 11:30AM, 3PM & 8PM with the subject, “I AM love! I’m in an awesome loving relationship, the stuff movies are made of. I’m the hope, the example that it ALL happens.” The location of this “appointment” is my heart.

I had been playing this game for 4 days. I felt amazing, like the love I had been seeking for so long was here. That next Tuesday, June 19th, I had the most amazing phone conversation with a very special man. I knew “it” was working, we spoke for an hour and a half and I didn’t want to get off the phone. On Thursday we went out on our first date and I was hooked…totally smitten, head over heels. He’s fantastic, I feel like a fairy princess when I’m with him and he’s coming home to meet my family this week…WHAT? I know, it sounds a bit bananas, I’m totally in love, but when you’re in you’re in!

It FEELS amazing! I want you to know that it doesn’t take long to get to the place that you’ve been desiring. NOW the thing to do is act like you HAVE it already. Let the energy that you put out work FOR you. Now when my alarm goes off at 11:30AM, 3PM and 8PM I get SO excited knowing that it really DOES all work out!

What’s YOUR Dream?

I know it’s not Thursday, but challenge yourself today. If you haven’t already done so put it out there…what do YOU want? Write it in the I AM and have it “ring” you 3x each day. Let it be your reminder that you ARE already what you’re wanting. You have it within you, you are not lacking anything…you are everything!

Here we go…GAME ON!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!

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  1. Love all your posts D. Thanks for being courageous and sharing this one. It made my day. LOVE you!

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