We’re Staying Home & Going Global

I was in the city this past weekend walking through the park with my roommate and dog. We  were chatting (my roomie and I…not the dog) about how awesome New York City is. As we walked through Washington Square Park, there were SO many people of every age and race out enjoying the beautiful weather.

It was awesome, there was a man playing a baby grand piano right in the middle of the park! Ten yards away was another gent playing the sax and another 15 yards down the path was a team of breakdancers killin’ it right there on the pavement! As we continued walking a crazy tarot card reader with a giant sorcerers hat was chatting up a man and his doubtful looking son. Through the mix of these cast of characters were thousands of people walking, sunbathing, chatting…living. I was experiencing Ubuntu and didn’t even know it!

What’s UBUNTU?

I learned about the Ubuntu philosophy from Dr. Frank Lipman’s website. Dr. Lipman has a holistic approach to medicine and life. I was reading through his site when I found this little nugget which I want to share with you today.

Ubuntu is an African philosophy based on the connection of all human beings. “I am because we are” is a phrase that is commonly associated with the philosophy. Ubuntu is based on mutual support and sharing what you can to help others.

Together we can restore humanity, we can heal each other, our communities, and the world. That is all a part of the philosophy known as ubuntu, which we are making every effort to put to practical use. We are all a part of this transformation!

“Ubuntu [is] that profound African sense that we are only human through the humanity of other human beings.”

-Nelson Mandela

Go Werk It!

Rock this philosophy today in all you do. Appreciate the world around you. Smile at your neighbor, choose to do something “good”, loving and kind today…inspire yourself and in turn someone else. It doesn’t need to be a giant “thing” just something. Know that we are all one and by being better ourselves we are effecting everyONE and everyTHING around us.

Sending you love!

I can see you GETTING FIERCE!