Gettin’ Fresh!

Oh Yeah, Baby!

It’s time to step it up a notch, my FIERCE friends! We’ve nearly completed 7 months of this year…Holy $#!&! Do you even remember what your New Year’s resolutions were? I’m not completely sure of all of the specific goals I made for the year, but I do know that THIS SITE was one. Might I say one that I’m very proud that I have kept my word…quite literally in fact writing so many words the past 7 months, but there are many other resolutions that have fallen by the wayside. One thing that I’m committing to and will be sharing with you (as seemingly is a good way to keep me honest) is to eat more healthfully.

I’ve Been FRESH!

I’ve been a naughty girl. When I’m good I’m good, but when I’m bad I’m oh so bad! I typically don’t eat bread when I’m out to dinner, I order healthfully and tend to skip dessert. This summer I’ve been O.O.C. (out of control!)! I’ve been eating from the bread baskets, ordering pretty much anything with cheese for dins and accepting and ordering from the dessert menu has been more often than not. While I’m still fit and still fit into all my clothes I  don’t feel awesome. I’ve totally enjoyed all the eating, but now I’m ready to be clean. I want to finish out the last 5 months of this year eating super clean and getting my bod extra tight!

FIERCE Commandments

Here are my rules. Let me restate that, these are MY RULES. They work for me, for my body and for this first week (I’m reserving the right to revise after the first 7 days) this is what I’m going with. If you want to join me on this journey I would love that. I want you to  make your own set of rules that work for YOU! You know what I always say, listen to YOUR body. If some of my ideas work for you, awesome, if you want to revise it a bit, great! Alright, enough talking, here goes:

  • No eating after 8PM
  • No complex carbs after 3PM
  • No bread or pasta
  • Sugar free (fruits not included) any processed sugars
  • Dairy free (for those of me who want to follow my rules I love unsweetened almond milk)
  • No tofu or soy products
  • 4 cocktail/wine per week
  • No coffee or caffeine, herbal teas only
  • Minimum amount of sleep 6 hours (that’s vastly improved from my norm!)
  • NO complaining…I’m going to enjoy the process!

I’ll be posting my food log below my blog. Don’t worry you’ll still get your FIERCE FIX, but if you wanna know how I’m doing you can keep reading down and I’ll post what I’ve eaten the day before below my signature.



I can see you (& me) GETTING FIERCE!

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