RELAX: It’s a Challenge!

What It Is?

Thursdays on the GETFIERCE TRAINING page are all about challenging ourselves. These challenges are meant to build ourselves up, to feel good, to be strong and to grow! This week’s challenge is all about relaxin’ (I LOVE IT).



August is a month that’s meant to rejuvenate and refresh us to start a new season. In this time when many are on vacation thing seem to slow down. The weather is warm and the vibe is chill. Take advantage of this time, before school begins, before everyone’s back in the office, before “life” begins again. Take time to recharge your so-called batteries and enjoy all of the benefits of the beautiful and warm month!

The Challenge

For the next 7 days I want you to take it easy. If you’re feeling extra stressed, frustrated, exhausted…take a break. Step back for a moment, take a breath and give appreciation for all of the amazing “stuff” in your life and be easy with you. Remember this is a time to refocus and rejuvenate your mind and your body. Give yourself this time to reflect on all that you DO have and change your focus to your excellence.

Take a breath…this is YOUR month!

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I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE(R)!