How’s It Goin’?

Great And YOU?

I’m asking and answering this one. I wanna know, “How YOU doin’?” I’m on day 10 of my detox (if you haven’t been keeping up I’m OFF dairy, gluten, alcohol, sugar & caffeine) and going strong. Well, fully disclosing I’m human and had some wine on Sunday. It was a GOOD thing though. Like the sign says, I’m a Work In Progress! Many times when I’m going full out for something and I “cheat” it becomes over, DONE. This time it wasn’t. I didn’t go for the bread or cookies. I had what I wanted, wine, and that was that. My diet was and has stayed on point and I feel fantastic. I’m down 7lbs in the 10 days NOT BAD AND more importantly I feel proud. I want to keep eating this way. I don’t feel deprived or starved actually many times I feel full after my cleanse shakes.


If you committed to one or all of my “Give Ups” over the past week, how are you doing? Did you cheat? Are you fully engaged? Are you completely challenged? I want to know how you’re feeling. It’s a process. If you’ve had 6 cups of coffee a day for as long as you can remember it’s crazy to think you can just give up. It’s a process and it takes time and probably quite a few headaches to get through. I want to hear how you’re doing. Write a comment and let me know A. what you chose to cut out B. If you can’t answer A. is there anything you WANT to cut out, but are scared of C. How you’re feeling in general.

Remember: We are ALL Works In Progress. The most important thing is to keep getting better every day challenging ourselves to be better and learning from our mistakes. Sending you SO MUCH love, My Fierce Friends!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!