Being Wonder Woman…You Betta WERK!

The Backstory

I’ve been working like a crazy person (just like a person with a busy work schedule, not crazy or I am a little, but in that fun crazy way not like in the she needs meds kinda way…I think.) ANYWAY, Camp started last Saturday and it’s been fantastic. The campers are on a 4 week journey to build their strength, endurance and commitment. After our one hour session on the Pier on the Hudson I give the gang homework. I’m going to share with you what they did last week and will again next week so that you can participate at home should you wish.

Here Goes

Take 10 minutes for yourself. It’s really quick, but will get your body prepped and even stronger for this coming Saturday. I want you to take on 4 moves; the burpee, the sit up, the push up and the squat.

The Deal: I’m giving you the #s you determine the breakdown.
Squats – 80
Push Ups – 60
Sit Ups – 200
Burpees – 60
I want you do do them each day. You can do 20 squats, 15 push ups, 50 sit ups, and 15 burpees and repeat 4 x or you can double that (40 squats, 30 push ups etc 2x). You can do squats/push ups together and then sit ups burpees. It’s totally your call on the order you do your numbers in. All that matters is that you get them in. I’m in this game with you too!!!
If you need help with the exercises you can check out my blog to see how to do a push up and burpee. It shows you the breakdown of the movements. If you need anything AT ALL please shoot me a line at dyan at getfiercetraining dot com. Remember to water yourself! AT LEAST 2 liters a day and get LOADS of sleep!!!
Where The Eff does Wonder Woman Come In?
I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, the Linda Carter version, not the plastic version you dump out of a bag! We’re 5 weeks away from the day  and I’m DOIN’ it complete with shiny nude tights and all. I don’t wanna wear a cape or some lame skirt to hide my thighs…I wanna show it all off! I’ve said it, it’s done. I’ll be Linda Carter this 2012. Get ready (I’m doin’ my extra 10, probably 20, minutes a day fo’ sho!)
I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!!!

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