I’m Takin’ Back My Power!

I’m Doin’ It

Some of you know that I teach a class called intenSati. In this class we say affirmations along with various cardio movements. Each month I write the series depending on what I need in my life. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit “out of it”, a little down, out of sorts, just not my happy self. Ever been there? Well, that was me. Nothing was “wrong” per se, but I just didn’t feel “right”. Sometimes we all just need a kick in the pants to get us up and going again. This month’s series is that kick! (I got mine this weekend…)

A Kicker: Someone who speaks the truth and gets you back on track…a REAL friend

I had lunch with my “kicker” a dear friend, who’s a bit of an intuitive (seriously, she’s AMAZING), this weekend. As we were eating she randomly said, “You’ve got to take back your power.” My eyes welled up. We were sitting there laughing and chatting, having such a great time, but she could see I wasn’t on my game. In the past few weeks I’d been letting others get the best of me, not standing up for what I want and need. My eyes welled with tears because she was RIGHT. I needed to take my power back, to own it and come from a place of strength. These words were just the kick in the ass I needed to get me back on my game.

If you’ve ever taken an intenSati class it’s like therapy, a night at the club all packed into an amazing workout. The below is the series I created for me (for you) for this month. I’m takin’  back my power, my friends and I hope you’ll join me! (Sunday, October 7th I’ll be subbing for the AMAZING Darbi Worley at 11AM at Equinox 19th St in NYC if you’re a member come play) Check out my intenSati schedule HERE.

Move – Affirmation

Perseverance – I own my POWER

Self Control – I am workin’ all I got

Joy – I was born to shine

Appreciation – Oh, This day is MINE

Enthusiasm – Every single day

Excited – I am getting better and better

Willing – I push it to the limit

Bring it On – Oh Yeah, I’m IN it!

Strong – I have strength

Excel – I excel

Inspired – I do it

Confidence – And I’m doin’ it well

Ready – THIS is the day

Determined – I’m determined to win

Able – I’m excited for more

Now – Let the games begin

Conviction – It is Done

Fierce – It is Here

Step Up – My time is NOW

Intention – My vision is clear

Sending you love and POWER!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!


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