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Today we’re talking about Swadhisthana…WHAT? This is the 2nd chakra or the sacral chakra Here’s a little Recap from yesterday. A chakra is an  energy force that is associated with physical and spiritual aspects of the body. This is NOT tangible, but is said to have great effect on our chi or life force. Keeping the balance between our 7 chakras is key to a balanced life. While all chakras are important and need to be balanced and flowing…THIS one is HOT. The 2nd chakra is where we find our masculine/feminine balance and our passion.

Give It To Me!

Swadhisthana or The Sacral (Second) Chakra: This space is located at the base of the genital organs and represents the ovaries or the testes (feminine or masculine energy) and the hormones that dictate the reproductive cycle. The second is also called the sex chakra because it is thought that sexual energy originates from this area. This is not only a sexual chakra, but the base of all creativity.

When this chakra is blocked a person can seem dull and lifeless (we don’t want THAT!) A blocked Swadhisthana can cut us off from our sense of sexuality and block us from our emotions. Alternatively if this chakra is “too” open we can let our emotions dictate all of our actions creating an overall unbalanced system. The key is finding the balance.

The sexual chakra is represented by the color orange and this color can stimulate the respiratory and nervous systems and bring joy, making it useful for depression or melancholy (seems like people from the Netherlands should be SUPER cheerful, right?) The sacral chakra is also related to the adrenal glands, so orange can help to balance adrenal depletion or exhaustion resulting from chronic stress or overwork.

Below are some tools for creating balance in the second chakra and thus in your body and life…check ’em out.

  • Aromatherapy: Rose, Patchouli and Helichrysum
  • Essential Oils: Lavander, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Spikenard
  • Crystals and Gems: Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Coral and Agate
  • Focus: Visualize a rose pink colored light pulsing with energy in the second chakra region. This helps to create a procreative life force energy that is strong and passionate.
  • Meditation and Mantra: Focus on your 2nd chakra space and allow images to naturally surface and melt away blockages while mentally repeating “I love and honor myself and all life” and deeply breathing and exhaling fully.

Go get Sassy, My Fierce Friends. Visualize your rose-colored space in your sacral area and create some passion in your world!

Sending you love!



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