So, if you’ve already read my first post this morning I just did the 9:45AM Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribecca. I had a great little instructor, Alycia Stevenin, kick my butt. At Barry’s there are two groups one doing strength on the floor and one doing treadmill work. I started on the treadmill because I knew going in we were going to alternate between the treadmill and the floor twice and I wanted to get it out of the way first as I dislike it most. Yup, that’s right I said it…I dislike the treadmill!

Barry’s, though, I very much liked. Alycia, as an instructor was great! TRUST, I’m picky and an instructor myself so I’m givin’ it to you straight. She was nice and motivating without being annoying, but mostly I was impressed with her room management; you can’t have ADD and be a Barry’s instructor. She was cuing the group on the floor and the group on the treadmill’s and she was never a second off (again…TRUST cuz I was thinking “Bi#$H, don’t forget about us on the treadmill!” and she never did).

There is minimal cuing of the strength movements because how can you really? There’s so much for the instructor to direct, but I was okay with it. People in class are fit and from what I could see were all moving properly (or as “proper” as you can in group ex). What I LOVED/HATED was the treadmill work. Like I said before, I’m not a fan of treadmills or running for that matter, I am competitive though, so when we brought our treadmill up to an incline of 7 and speed of 7.5 I was doing it. Again, I was totally thinking “B#*$&, do you know how short my legs are?” when she said to turn it up, but then she wasn’t that tall and I’m sure she does it, so I kept running.

I went on Tuesday which from all the eavesdropping I was doing pre-class was the “hardest” day; butt, legs and shoulders. I liked the floor work, it went by quickly and was challenging…a good combo. All in all I really enjoyed the workout. I’m totally going back!!!

SOOO, I’m askin’ again…What are YOU going to try that’s NEW today?