Standin’ Back Up

Day of GivingI’ve MISSED YOU!

Last week was crazy to say the least. I’m blessed to live in New York City, no buts about it. This is my home and its people my family. YES, for sure we have our share of “crazy uncles” but that’s what makes it great!

Last week New York City was struck hard by Hurricane Sandy. I say struck hard and not knocked out because no one or no thing can knock this city down. Some were hit to devastating degrees, but in time and with the help of others will be back, and I’m confident, stronger than ever. You can’t call yourself a New Yorker if not. We don’t got those tough-ass accents fa nothin’! (I mean I don’t have one, but I can totally put it on to sound gangsta!)

I have to say Sandy helped me to revisit all I’m appreciative of. During this time it helps to remember all we have, health, family, friends, loved ones…these are what’s important. The food, the shelter, the power; all that will come back in time, but it’s now that we realize what’s important.

Sometimes when we feel “knocked out” or just generally crappy it’s helpful to remember all that we DO have and take time to appreciate. It makes all of the “little” inconveniences seem less significant. It’s time to focus on all that’s good.

Here’s my list after living through last week’s challenges… 

  • I appreciate my healthy body to carry me where I need to go
  • I love my friends and family always, but even more when they are sending prayers (in the form of texts to check in)
  • I appreciate my morning coffee from Enrique
  • I’m grateful for cell service everywhere in this city
  • I love my elevator even if it is ONLY 5 flights up
  • I’m grateful for fully stocked grocery stores
  • I appreciate that my home is lit and warm
  • I love my niece/dog, Dakota for being a snuggle bug in the cold
  • MOST of all the biggest thing I was BLESSED with this past week is that my roommate, Tommy, made it home from Florida in advance of Sandy so he could rally the storm and the darkness with me…and beat me in Rummy

Let’s all start this week out with a little extra appreciation for all we have. It’s time to let go of the complaining about the little and the even the “big” things and see the light. If what we thing about we create than we can help to change this natural disaster into seeing the good. If you want to contribute to the rebuilding of NYC you can go to the ABC’s and The American Red Cross’s Day of Giving site. JUST TODAY (as of 5PM ET) they have raised nearly 11 million dollars! Ahhh, this is GOOD!

No matter what challenges (even if it was too many cookies or lost workouts) last week brought, today is a NEW day and we can choose to create and see the light.