Make a List & Check it 2x…NOPE, Do It!

IMG_8243It’s Holiday Time

This is the time of year when the 10lb. weight gain is “normal”. Holiday parties, a few extra spirits, tasty buffets and lost workouts are all cause for the increasedcaloric overload. It takes an extra 3,500 Calories beyond what your body is using to live (breath, walk run etc.) to gain 1lb, so 35,000 is the number of Calories it takes to get to that magic 10lb. number! That’s a lot of friggin’ fruit cake!


This holiday season put YOU first. Make a list that’s all yours! I’m sure you have to do lists, gift lists, errand lists…how about making YOUR list? A list that carves out time for you with bullet points especially meant to keep your health on track this December. Have a rule that until you; get to the gym, grocery shop, prep your food, do what you need to do…you can’t do for others, until you do unto you!

My List

  • Grocery shop for and chop veggies for the week
  • Write daily blog (clearly this one has been lacking)
  • Create new class playlists
  • Three 45 min strength workouts/week

Get Movin’

My life is my workout, so I don’t have a daily workout on my list, but I do add in my own strength workouts. I want you to make sure to keep your Calories in check. By hitting the gym, you’ll not only be burning calories, but you’ll feel proud of yourself and with that it leads to making smarter choices when you do hit up the holiday parties. Ask yourself, “is that cookie (cocktail…fill in the blank) REALLY worth running at 6.5mph on the treadmill for 20 minutes (or time required to burn it off)?” Usually my answer to those questions is a giant NO and I head over to the veggie platter.

Today is your day to take action. Make your list and instead of checking it…do it! Make time for your and be better for yourself. Make the end of 2012 the gateway to your best year yet in 2013.

Sending you LOVE!