D_GreenJuiceMoment of Clarity

Today as I was about to teach my 2nd class of the morn and was drinking my fresh pressed green (kale, spinach, parsley, lemon) I decided to take a pic and “Facebook” it. I post pics of my food frequently, DUH, I’m a girl. I send/post pics of the food; I’m eating, that I’ve made, something yummy that I WANT to eat. It’s FUN and makes me A. Appreciate what I’m eating, but more importantly B. THINK about what i’m putting into my bod. Today I want to start a lil’ game with YOU!

The Challenge

This week (and hopefully you will continue) bring your food into photo and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #TweetWhatUEat. We always have our phones permanantly in hand, now THIS time it will be a good reason.


This is NOT about feeling badly about what you’re eating…it IS a game to make us THINK. If you’re choosing foods that you don’t want pictured, then why do you want them in your body? It’s a good (Duh, I thought of it) question to ask and very eye opening. There will be times you take a photo of your “cookie” or “cocktail”…it’s not a BAD thing! Appreciate the food that goes into your body, love it and it will love you. This is NOT a shame-game it’s a game about awareness and sharing.

I’m SO excited! I wanna see what you eat! Remember #TweetWhatUEat! Let the games BEGIN!!!



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!