2012…An End of a Year & A Brand New Beginning

WHOA (like Joey Lawrence would say!)

It’s been a whole year since I first launched my blog. I’ve received countless emails, questions and comments from YOU, all that challenge me to do and be better. I’m so grateful and appreciative of all your support. I remember posting my first blog and thinking,  “Am I crazy? What will people think? Can I REALLY commit to doing this?” The answer is a resounding YES to all! Of course I’m crazy…and I love it. Crazy people are the ones who take risks and get sh!t done. We’re (assuming you’re one too!) the people whose dreams become reality. Yes, people (you) have thoughts and you have been so gracious to share them with me…I love that! But, perhaps most importantly the third yes, I CAN commit to this. Of course there were weeks that were “lighter” writing wise than others, but it’s December 31st and I’m still at it!


What a Blessing

My First Post was my story and I was terrified to share. I use to hide the fact that I was overweight. I thought nobody wanted to train with or be taught about fitness from a FFK (Former Fat Kid). I’ve now realized that this is my story. Everybody has a journey and a story to tell and mine is PERFECT. I’m REAL. I no longer hide the fact that I was overweight, I celebrate it. If I was always “small”, “thin”, “fit” I wouldn’t be able to wholeheartedly appreciate my student’s and my client’s struggles. I know how it feels to not fit into your clothes, to not want to go out because you feel gross or even hate look in the mirror. It’s heartbreaking to live in a body that you’re ashamed of, I GET IT!

IMG_8190YOUR Time

I created “GET FIERCE” because I think everyBODY should live in a body that they are proud of and LOVE! I think everyone should feel and think FIERCEly! What a gift to give yourself to stand tall and think, “I’m FUC#!NG FIERCE!” THIS is the way I want everyone to feel everyday. 2013 is YOUR year! It’s my gift to YOU! You deserve to live an amazing life today, filled with everything you could ever desire. Appreciate your struggles realizing it’s your journey and it’s brought you HERE to right now.


I want you to create a list of all the things your grateful for that happened this past year (good and bad)…we have to accept the old to make way for the new. Then I want you to create a list of all the things you want this year to bring. Make ’em BIG…this is your time to be “CRAZY” to dream. I’m sharing mine below.

THE OLD                                                 

  • Crazy Heartbreak
  • Leaving a great place of employment
  • Starting at a new (AWESOME) studio
  • Created my blog
  • Experienced an awesome summer at the beach with friends
  • Loving my roomies, dog & home
  • Launched my GET FIERCE Training Camps
  • Trained in Booiaka Dance class
  • Vacationed with my college girls
  • Rang in the New Year with a wedding of a dear friend
  • Logo re-design (by the awesome Alison Leipzig)

THE NEW (what’s comin’)

  • Great financial success
  • Awesome(r) and more frequent GET FIERCE training camps
  • Even more private clients
  • ALL of my classes are SOLD OUT
  • Amazing 2 week international vacation with my love
  • Writing for a MAJOR publication
  • Video work on my site and for others
  • STILL loving my roomies, dog & home
  • Appreciation for each and every day

I want to say THANK YOU for all of your support this year. We see in others what we are ourselves. My goal for both you and me is to walk forward into each day with great love and appreciation for all others knowing it’s a reflection of our own self love.

To a VERY Happy and Healthy 2013!
All my love,