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One of the biggest things that has helped me over the years in my quest to drop weight has been to open my eyes and start realizing WHAT and HOW MUCH I’m ACTUALLY eating. I hear people and have many times myself said, “I haven’t had anything to eat all day.” In reality I (and probably them too) would have eaten loads, but nothing that satiated me. It was an excuse I would use to eat much more food than I actually needed and in many cases foods that weren’t good for me.

Help Yourself

Here’s what to do. Buy a really cool journal, something you’re really jazzed about using. Each day write down the time you’re eating, what it is and the amount. Let this be a tool for you to start recognizing what, in FACT, you are eating. Do this for One Week without letting it alter your eating habits…this is just for awareness. I find that even when I’m not trying to change what I’m eating it does for the sole reason that I don’t want to write down “10:30PM  chocolate chip cookie” Make sense?

The second step happens in Week 2. After you’re use to the process of journaling your food start to get familiar with the calorie count. If you make your own food or there is no label (this is a good thing it means you’re eating fresh whole foods!) you can check out Calorie King, a great website you can enter the food and it will give you all of it’s nutritional info. Tally up your calories at the end of the day. Start to become aware of how many calories per day you’re taking in and where they’re coming from (i.e. mostly carbs, greens, packaged foods etc). Get to know yourself.

Part three of this game is where you make any changes. By making small changes we can create long and LASTING change. Remember that every pound of fat is 3,500 Calories it takes time to accumulate the deficit in Caloires aka lose a pound! Take a look at your count and see what little changes you can make to cut out the excess (if your goal is to lose weight). Fresh, whole foods not only have MANY more nutrients, but they are MUCH lower in Calories. See where you can swap out your morning bagel for your cup of whole oats it’ll save you about 300 Calories per day…that’s a 1 pound loss in 12 days just from that small change while still keeping in the carbs which help fill you up. To learn more about what YOUR body needs specifically for your size, height, activity you can check out one of my first blog It Really Is A Numbers Game

I just bought my new 2013 journal. Time to get to writin’.



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