Did You Forget Just How FIERCE You ARE?

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 9.24.15 AMGawd, I’m Good!

So yesterday I was reading the blog of my client, friend and amazing body confidence coach, Alison Leipzig. I get her updates emailed to me (which is great and you can do that with mine as well if you enter your email in the top right corner, ahem, jus’ sayin). As I began scrolling down the email I was reading the quote to the left. I thought to myself, “Oooh, this is good!” Then I read the byline…I WROTE THAT! I was shocked. I had written my “True Confession Story” (CLICK THAT…it’s GOOD STUFF) for Alison’s blog way back in 2012 not THAT long ago, but still some time has passed. When I was reading my quote I kept thinking about how I really felt each word, I agreed with it and wanted to shout out, “YES!” Having this experience made me think.

YOU Know IT!

We already have within us all we need to know. To get where you desire there is nothing you are lacking. Grabbing that self help book is great, there are pieces in it that will resonate with you and that you may take action on, but you don’t NEED the book to be successful. The reason those self help tidbits resonate with you is because you already know that they’re “right” for YOU! They feel good to you because they’re already what you know and believe.

We’re Not Full of S#!T

So true…We’re not full of s#!t! We have tons of “good stuff” inside of us! There couldn’t be a more blatant example of this than me reading words I had already written, thinking that it was FIERCE. I have the answers, but SO DO YOU! We ALL already know what we need to live successful, happy & healthy lives.

What’s YOUR Cake?

I want you to think about what you want, your cake. NO, Crazy-Pants, I don’t mean real cake, I MEAN…what’s the thing you REALLY want? Is it Movie Love? Is it that super hot bod so that you run down the beach like Pam Anderson in her french cut Baywatch suit? Is it a redonkUlously large bank account? Whatever you want…that’s YOUR CAKE. Take a moment…figure it out and when you do…

Feel the feeling you get when you go to do something that keeps your from your CAKE. There are times when YES, it’s your day, you’ve “worked” for the distraction, you REALLY ARE going to enjoy it, BUT there are also times when you know that this distraction (drinking the martini, staying home instead of going on the date, not proactively getting your shit done or buying things on credit….) will make you feel like crap, but we do it anyway.

This feeling is your inner knowing. That feeling is YOU telling you “Fuc#!ng Stop It ” or “Totally Go For it”. Sometimes our voice is a little bitch just wanting to get her (or his) way and sometimes it’s FIERCE and keeps us strong…whatever the answer to that question is YOUR feeling will tell you.

My point in saying ALL this is simply to LISTEN to how truly FIERCE YOU ARE! You are a gift and there is only one of YOU! You have all of the answers you’ll ever need to know. I invite you that when you have a questions, take a moment, a breath and think, “How does THIS make me FEEL?” If the answer is FIERCE then GO GO GO!

Sending you so much love and loads of FIERCENESS!