It’s a Two-Fer: Tune in Young Grasshopper

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 10.24.54 AMGood Thinkin’

I teach an amazing class called intenSati. It’s a cardio workout, but the best part and why it’s different is that along with all the jumping jacks and heel drives you are shouting out positive affirmations. Sounds a little crazy, but it has amazing effects not only on the body, but the mind too! I truly believe in positivity…that what you think about you bring about. It’s the Field of Dreams of thought if you will, “if you build it they will come.” I read A LOT about the benefits of positive thinking, I practice it, I really live in the space of seeing the good in everything…or so I thought!

The Teacher Becomes the Student

I was in class last week and one of my students asked me how my training is going (I’m running the NYC 1/2 Marathon on March 17th). I looked at him, rolled my eyes and said, “Ugh, I hate running!” Immediately one of my other students in class turned, looked right at me and said, “OF COURSE YOU DO! If you start out saying you hate running you’re gonna hate it.” DAMN!…I know that! I was shocked by myself and so pissed, “Don’t throw my words at me!” I said. I was kidding, but a little shocked at ME! I know that if I start out hating something I will, but why was I not putting my positivity it into practice? I got lazy, not physically, but mentally for sure. Running is challenging for me, so I gave into  No mo’!

Makin’ a Change

I know if I think something’s gonna suck it will. It’s time to get in the game my friends. I’m NOW lovin’ the process of running. I’m loving the feeling of being DONE with a run. I’m loving the way my body feels challenged and I’m LOVING the challenge of staying of the game of thinking good thoughts. It’s like a reawakening to be IN instead of fighting against it. I know I’ve gotta do it so I might as well enjoy it! Now is the time to see the bright side.

And YOU?

Is there anything that you can’t change that you’re hating on? Come see the bright side with me. If there’s anything in your life that you’ve been fighting against, it’s time to go with the flow and see the good. Share with me in the comments section what you’re gonna be workin’ on. Now’s YOUR time!

AND Listen Up!

It’s Tuesday…so I wanted to share with you what I’m listening/werkin’ it to this week.

  •  As Long as You Love Me – The Biebs (I know, but I’ve never put it on my lists and I really DO like it!)
  • Battle Scars – Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian
  • Thinkin’ Bout You – Frank Ocean
  • Take a Walk – Passion Pit
  • And We Danced – Mackelmore (feat. Ziggy Stardust)
  • Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger – A plus D
  • Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson

Love you kids! Positive thoughts this week (A GIANT Thank you DZ for making me see the light!)



I can see you GETTIN’ FIERCE!