I Totally I Have a Gurl Crush…and She Kicked My A$$!

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 1.20.20 PMSAY WHAT?

No, Listen…this is all in a good way. If you don’t know what a girl crush is (I spell it with a “u”), it’s a totally non-sexual adoration of another girl. It can have to do with brains, beauty, body…whatever, but it’s a complete reverence from one gal to another. Here’s what Urban Dictionary has to say, although I don’t really agree completely with any of their 7 (really 7?) definitions.

Who is my gurl crush, you ask? Her name is Kira Stokes! She’s a fan favorite in the fitness community and a force of nature. From her website, KiraStokes.com here’s just a “bit” about Kira:

Kira’s focus is on innovative training, concentrating on transforming the body and mind. She has developed a signature training technique, The Stoked Method, which combines functional and traditional methods of working the body. Her personal training methods have evolved to include a unique combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, sports specific drills, yoga and Pilates. Kira combines all of these disciplines into her proprietary “Stoked Series” of classes: …

The list of Kira’s classes is LONG and VERY impressive. I first saw her teaching a couple of years back at the Larchmont Equinox. I was waiting to take an intenSati class and she had the room packed with svelt suburban mom types. These were no “normal” suburban chicks I’ve seen before…these ladies were FIERCE! I was thinking WHO are these women and who is this Wonder Woman-esque instructor? I was told she had just shot her workout video and thought, “Oh THAT’s why she looks so good!”

WRONG, Lesson Learned, Folks…

When I got hired to teach for Revolve I learned that I would be working with the best of the best, Kristin Kenney, Christianne Phillips & KIRA STOKES! Intimidated doesn’t even begin to describe this feeling (at this point I didn’t know that Jade AlexisHeidi Jones & Jason Tran were in the line up too…that may have sent me into a total spiral!). Well, now at least I finally got to see what she looked like in non-post photo shoot form. Ummm, let me be the first (or eight-millionth as anyone who’s met her can attest) person to say IT’s NO LIE…Kira is NO JOKE, she EFFING LOOKS LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME, SHE IS HER PICTURES!


If you KNOW me you know that I’m real, I’m honest, I tell it like it is. Kira not only has the perfect abs (6 pack…maybe more), but she’s literally as nice as they come! Sometimes you work with people you chit chat with and it’s lovely and all, but you could take or leave…not in this case. I genuinely get STOKED each and every time I see her! I’m such a geek and I’m totally okay with it. (Sidebar: Kira is married to literally the nicest guy EVER! He’s SO sweet and it makes me so happy each time she gives him a shout out in class, which I kind of think would be annoying , but isn’t AT ALL!)


So, now that Kira and I are friends (or in my delusional mind we are, anyway) I went to take her Stoked360 class at Reebok Sports Club on the Upper West Side of NYC. First of all the gym is AMAZIBALLS! There’s a rock wall and something like 7 floors…ginormous for NYC.

Anyway…Kira kicked my butt in ways that it hasn’t been in a VERY long time. I teach 18+ classes a week, I’m fit…I thought! We did 3 sets of each circuit and with each one there were progressions. OMG, can you say DYING? I was there with my friend Paul and he kept laughing at me because I was cursing the entire time! That sh!t was hard and by sh!t I mean perfectly crafted movements that Kira cued the entire packed room flawlessly through. A full 105 minutes, (yup, there was core after the 75 min 360!) WHAT? Oye vey, we kept going and going…and going. This gal doesn’t stop…and it was awesome there was the feeling of fire everywhere in my body.


The next morning when I rolled over in bed I could feel my whole body, every muscle every inch, but the what I felt the most…my BUTT! WHOOF, sore sore sore and it feels so good!


I want to say a giant thank you to Kira, for challenging me in so many ways. not only physically (yesterday took it to a new level), but for each day to be a better instructor and nicer person in general. It’s not often in life that we find great sources for inspiration. Kira is the picture of health. She lives it, she breathes it and you can SEE the results. The dedication that Kira has to her (our) craft is admirable and I’m lucky to have her in my world. (Although maybe not after the restraining order is issued after reading this…jk).

Just a few words, if you have a chance, don’t walk, RUN TO Kira’s classes! You’ll thank me (after the sore subsides).



(Let me fully disclose that in my overtly honest way, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY enjoy EVERYONE I work with at Revolve. It’s weird I know, there’s usually an outlier or the weird one you want to avoid at work…nope not there it’s kind of a love-fest and SO GREAT!)

I can see yah, youah WICKED FIERCE!