How Will YOU Be AWEsome?

Back in the Day…

Unlike Ahmad I don’t “sit and wish I was a kid again”. I REALLY like where I am. I appreciate my journey, but I wouldn’t turn back the hands of time. If you’re reading my blog for the first time you should know I was an FFK (former fat kid). In the past I would RARELY share this information (kind of like how I use to play the accordion) with anyone. I use to think no one would want to train with the “Fat Girl”. Duh, so stupid how we can talk ourself into shame. Now, after sharing, I’ve learned that my clients and students can relate to my journey and they know that I know how challenging it can be cuz I’ve been there! It’s one giant, “I FEEL YA, SISTER!” All my “secrets” are out, this is who I am and it’s this path that has gotten me to being a successful personal trainer, fitness instructor, health coach and philanthropist. My lessons in life will not end with me.

Sharing IS Caring

I say this because I really do feel like we each have a choice to be better every day, to learn something new, to share our gifts with others, we have the ability to be AWESOME. Kid President is AWESOME and watching this video (CLICK IT!) made me think…”How can I be MORE awesome?”

Well, here goes…I’m going a little deeper. I have a pic or two on the site of my FFKness, but just this past weekend my friend from college and I were checking out old photo albums and it was SHOCKING even for me to see…so I’m showing YOU!


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Today I no longer choose to smoke a pack a day (did back then), eat the foods I ate (fried and processed) or be sedentary (I literally moved as little as possible). I’m sharing because whenever I watch The Biggest Loser I think, “that could have been ME!” and not Jillian, the contestants! I made a choice in 2000 and I chose to be AWESOME & FIERCE!
Living in a healthy body makes me FEEL good. It’s not vanity that keeps me in this place (though not gonna lie it helps), it’s knowing that I’m doing all I can to stay on this earth LIVING the FIERCEST life I can. Each class I teach or client I train I bring with me my excitement for life. The knowledge that anything can happen, to make each day better than the one before. The better YOU are the better you’ll be for others and the better this world will be. It stars with YOU! It starts with ME! Hmmm, how will YOU be awesome today?
I love you! Thank you for letting me share and for being YOU!
Revolve Instructor Photo: DyanSo you can, “SEE ME NOW” this was shot last week!
The photo was shot for Revolve, the new AWESOME new cycling studio I’m teaching at! If you’re in NYC I’m givin’ you your first ride FREE. Enter DYANGETFIERCE12 when you “buy one ride” enter that code and it’s on me! WWW.REVOLVEFITNESS.COM

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  1. amazing! So glad you have the before and after pictures! Lovelovelove. You are amazing!

  2. Dyan! You are an inspiration! I have absolutely loved our 7:00 am classes at Revolve this past month of January. Thank you for always making my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings so positive and amazing. Your presence and bright smiling face is a joy. I could not have asked for a more amazing instructor!

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